cover image The Savior

The Savior

Tony Daniel and David Drake. Baen, $25 (416p) ISBN 978-1-4767-3670-9

The 10th installment in Daniel and Drake’s military SF series (after The Heretic) returns to the world of Duisberg, where technological innovation is prevented by an ancient computer worshiped as a god. Only Maj. Abel Dashian, who shares his brain with both a brilliant general from another world and a supercomputer with its own agenda, can release his people from the Stasis. While the cost in blood is high and the descriptions of early gunpowder age tactics are solid, the authors make things far too easy for Abel’s side, militarily and otherwise. Even those without Abel’s unique benefits, like his smart and capable lover, Mahaut, have conflicts break constantly in their favor. The common troops also easily accept the use of forbidden technology, undermining the concept of the world being hamstrung by anti-tech propaganda. The result is conceptually intriguing but unrealistic. (Sept.)