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William Jaspersohn, Author Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers $13.95 (234p) ISBN 978-0-553-05450-7
Too many coincidences mar this talky coming-of-age novel from noted nonfiction writer Jaspersohn. When Joe's parents ground him for laziness and disrespect, Joe begins to write a play in class called ``A Troubled Teen,'' in which the protagonist,...
William Jaspersohn, Author, Chuck Eckart, Illustrator Greenwillow Books $6.95 (64p) ISBN 978-0-688-11508-1
Naturalistic etchings augment this timely tale about the transformation of an ``open and green'' farmland into a dense forest. Ages 5-up. (May)
William Jaspersohn, Author, Michael A. Donato, Illustrator Vermont Folklife Center $15.95 (36p) ISBN 978-0-916718-16-9
Vermont history comes alive via this modest tale of two immigrant brothers. In the 1880s, Heinrich leaves the poverty of his Prussian home to seek his fortune in America. He promises to send for his younger brother, Friedrich, and their mother as...
William Jaspersohn, Author, Vernon Thornblad, Illustrator, Michael A. Donato, Illustrator , illus. by Vernon Thornblad. Family Heritage Series $15.95 (36p) ISBN 978-0-916718-19-0
Jaspersohn (The Two Brothers) graphically recounts a boy's harrowing encounter with a band of mutinous pirates in this suspenseful true tale from the early 18th century, part of the Family Heritage series. Young William Bateman likes to pretend...
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