PubTech Connect is a new conference for publishing professionals about using technology, disruptive tactics, and smart strategies to boost your business and brands. It features a stellar lineup of speakers from companies like Vox Media, Dropbox, GE, Conde Naste, and many others. You can read the complete program here.

Learn more about the conferences and buy tickets here, and read the articles below to learn more about our presenters:

Keynote Speakers

Digital Giants Sree Sreenivasan and Kinsey Wilson
Sree Sreenivasan and Kinsey Wilson, two titans of digital media, are revolutionizing New York City and the ‘New York Times’ for the digital age

Internet Visionary Jim Bankoff, CEO of Vox Media
Jim Bankoff turned Vox into a content juggernaut, a purpose-built digital media company; at PubTech Connect, he’ll discuss what it takes to build the media company of the future


Meet the Innovators, Change-Makers Who Shake Up the Mold
George Baier IV of Dropbox, Hillary Kerr of Clique, and Joanna Lord of ClassPass are professional change-agents

Meet Five Digital Power Players Who Know How To Reach New Audiences
Top Execs from Time Inc., HarperCollins, Mailchimp, Wired, and Vice will share the secrets of global brand growth at PTC

Meet Ian Schafer, Digital Advertising Wiz
When digital hit, he didn’t panic--he saw opportunities, which led him to found Deep Focus, helping huge brands--including Starbucks, Lays, and YouTube--get their messages out to the digital world.

Meet Linsey Pollak and Kathryn Minshew, Sages of the Millennial Workforce
Speakers, consultants, startup founders: Pollak and Minshew know what today's young workforce is looking for, and what companies need to do to hire the best.

Meet Jay Lauf of Atlantic Media and Sam Olstein of GE, Pioneers Who Revitalize Legacy Brands
Through disruptive thinking, Jay Lauf and Sam Olstein have taken two of America's oldest brands to the forefront of media.

Innovators from Goodreads, Cadillac, and the ‘New York Times,’ Join the Lineup
The conference is fast approaching and there have been a few late additions to the stellar lineup of presenters sharing new and disruptive business ideas from the tech industry.

View the slide presentations from a few of these presenters here.