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  • AI as Ally: Publishing Pros Explore Technology's Potential

    At a LinkedIn Live panel titled "Beyond Publishing: When AI Is Your Ally," experts discussed the impact of AI on the publishing world, addressing how it can be implemented into the publishing workflow as well as efforts to help authors and publishers get paid by AI companies for the use of their work.

  • Accessibility and Automation at Lapiz Digital

    Accessibility-first workflow, especially for K–12 projects, is gaining momentum at Lapiz Digital. (Sponsored)

  • More Growth at Westchester Publishing Services

    Last year, Westchester supported more than 600 publishers across 16,000-plus projects that ranged from books and white papers to journals and EPUBs. (Sponsored)

  • Delivering Ever-Evolving Digital Solutions for Publishing

    Adapt, adopt, assimilate—that is the way digital solutions vendors are going about making technologies, new and proven, work for them and their publishing clients. This method also applies to their stance on three hot industry topics: accessibility, artificial intelligence, and automation. (Sponsored)

  • Navigating Approaching Accessibility Requirements

    There is an ongoing discussion in the market about the timeline and implications of the European accessibility act (EAA) and how these will impact publishers’ plans not only for frontlist EPUB requirements but also for ensuring their backlists can remain in print, supported by an accessible digital alternative that allows all potential readers to engage with the content of a book. (Sponsored)

  • Digital Solutions in India 2024: All Our Coverage

    Embracing new regulations and standards while tweaking technologies and tools is the norm for digital solutions vendors in India and elsewhere.

  • Book Business AI Showcase: Spines and Storywise

    In the third of an ongoing series of articles spotlighting book business–related AI startups, we take a look at Spines, an AI-powered self-publishing platform, and Storywise, a tool to help publishers and agents manage manuscript submissions.

  • Survey Finds Spotify Audiobooks Popular, but Compensation Questions Remain

    As part of its efforts to force Spotify to be more transparent about how it pays authors, the Coalition of Concerned Creators commissioned a survey to discover how audiobook listeners felt about the service. It found mixed results.

  • Webtoon Entertainment Will Go Public

    The webcomic giant had worldwide revenue of more than $1.2 billion last year, and paid creators more than $2.8 billion between 2017 and 2023.

  • Spotify Adds Blackstone, Bonnier UK to Its Audiobook Catalog

    Spotify has partnered with Blackstone Publishing and Bonnier Books UK to add their audiobooks to the platform. The new partnership will add several thousand new titles to Spotify's Audiobooks in Premium service.

  • Book Business AI Showcase: Shimmr and Pix

    In the second of an ongoing series of articles spotlighting book business–related AI startups, we take a look at Shimmr, an automated book advertising service, and Likewise's Pix, a chatbot and app that offers book recommendations.

  • Book Business AI Showcase: Hypnovels and Maven

    In the first of an ongoing series of articles spotlighting book business–related AI startups, we take a look at Hypnovels, a book trailers and video generator, and Maven, a publisher that allows readers to ask questions of books through WhatsApp.

  • Spotify Audiobooks Draw Younger Listeners, Get Bump from TV Adaptations

    According to data released by Spotify, users aged 18-34 make up 57% of the platform's audiobook listeners, while television adaptations such as 'Shōgun' and 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' have prompted a surge in demand for specific titles.

  • Spotify Expands Audiobooks for Premium to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand

    Spotify is extending its Audiobooks for Premium feature to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand on April 9. The service was launched in the U.S., U.K., and Australia last October.

  • Confronting Publishing’s AI Fears

    What lies beyond the lawsuits and accusations in the headlines?

  • Everand Publishes Original Essays Curated by Roxane Gay

    Everand Originals, formerly known as Scribd Originals, has released the first in a series of essays edited by Roxane Gay, ‘Built for This’ by Julia Turshen, and will follow it up in the coming months with works by Gabrielle Bellot, Elaine Castillo, and Randa Jarrar.

  • Audible Cuts 5% of Its Staff

    Despite a strong 2023, Audible CEO Bob Carrigan said the cuts were necessary to position the company "for continued success in the coming year and into the future, given the increasingly challenging landscape we face."

  • How Publishers Can Navigate the AI Revolution

    Despite the hype, publishing is still looking at what impact large language models and similar technology may bring.

  • Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Will Limit Daily Number of New Titles

    In what Amazon says is another effort to guard against possible abuse of AI in the creation of books, KDP users will be allowed to post no more than three books daily on the self-publishing platform.

  • Amazon Issues New AI Guidelines for Its KDP Platform

    With concerns mounting over the impact AI-generated books are having on the e-book market, Amazon will now require KDP users to inform it if AI-generated content was used in the making of a book published on the platform.

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