Frederator Networks, an animation production house known for creating cartoons for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, YouTube, and other networks, has laid off about 15 people from its 40-person staff. The layoffs are divided between Frederator offices in New York and Los Angeles, but do not affect Frederator Books, a digital-first e-book line for kids launched in 2013.

The layoffs were first reported by VideoInk, a news website for the video content industry. The layoffs targeted Frederator’s unscripted programming division. Most of the 25 Frederator employees that remain are based in New York City.

Nate Olson, director of marketing, publicity, and licensing, emphasized that Frederator Books is "still in business" and that David Wilk remains its publisher.

A longtime book publishing veteran, Wilk was hired to launch the Frederator book line in 2013. He told PW that Frederator Books has published 22 titles since its launch, and has "another 12 in various stages of production."

Wilk added: "We’re just about to launch our own HTML e-bookstore and reading platform for our Catbug e-books [Catbug is an animated character from the Frederator cartoon show Bravest Warriors]. We’re focusing on books connected to the Bravest Warriors for the moment, as it has done so well."

Speaking to the layoffs, Wilk said they were "a fairly typical restructuring" intended to allow the company "to focus on core activities." He then reiterated that the layoffs do not have "any effect on books. We’re full steam ahead."