Revenues at MPS exceeded $60 million in its recent fiscal year, and this success, says chairman and CEO Rahul Arora, is due to the company’s comprehensive “Going Gestalt” growth strategy. “Going Gestalt encompasses a market-based strategy, instead of one that is product-based, and emphasizes building strategic partnerships across the company’s 700-plus customer base, the relentless pursuit of new clients, continuous investments in new capabilities, and an updated and scaled approach to inorganic growth,” Arora says. “We want to build at a meaningful scale to make learning accessible to all.”

In February, MPS introduced a new brand, Magineu, following the successful delivery of a significant project for the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. “Magineu expands our Experience Center business to cater to the marketing departments of corporate entities, especially in specialty fields such as oil and gas,” says Arora, who envisions the brand as becoming MPS’s fourth line of business in marketing communications, in addition to its existing solutions for content, platform, and learning.

On the content side, MPS has made substantial investments in enhancing its operational efficiencies and delivery speed for clients in the scholarly and education domains. “The MPS Labs unit, now consisting of more than 100 researchers and developers, is dedicated to R&D efforts to further enhance our AI and machine learning capabilities,” Arora says. “Additionally, we have introduced a new service line focusing on peer-review administrative services for the scholarly segment, for which we recently secured a significant contract from a leading publisher. Efforts to expand our offerings in this area are gaining momentum.”

Platform-wise, a robust roadmap is now in place to upgrade existing HighWire solutions while ensuring that both current and new customers benefit from the enhanced versions. The emphasis, Arora says, is on building new platforms, with innovations in service of the scholarly community remaining a crucial area of focus.

“In the education segment, we are going beyond just making learning interactive and engaging,” Arora says. “Our new approach involves creating emotionally intelligent learning experiences that resonate with learners more deeply. This emphasis on an emotional connection has improved usage and impact metrics, indicating our approach’s effectiveness.”

The integration of EI Design, which MPS acquired in May 2022, has yielded higher revenues and a broader customer base while bringing the company closer to its goal of becoming a leader in the digital learning industry. In 2022 alone, MPS won 58 Brandon Hall Awards, including 20 gold awards, which validated its high-quality and high-impact solutions in digital learning. “We continue to invest heavily in immersive learning, such as AR, VR, Extended Reality (XR), AI, gamification, and simulations, all emerging technologies that EI Design is known for,” Arora says. “And we will stay ahead of the curve by adopting these technologies in our solution offerings.”

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