Embracing changes, challenges, and chaos to serve the ever-evolving publishing marketplace is par for the course for digital solutions vendors in India. They are busy leveraging technologies, automating tools, and tweaking workflows and publishing platforms to get their clients’ content out to the market accurately, speedily, and on budget. In this special feature, three vendors share their viewpoints on the industry and talk about their companies and projects, covering topics such as accessibility, AI/automation, and EdTech. Our coverage then continues with our online-exclusive Expert Series, which offers articles penned by the vendors themselves. Related articles from PW on issues related to the digital solutions and publishing industries are also included. Please click through to read the stories, or browse the entire feature in our Scribd reader below.

This feature is published with the support of the companies covered in these articles.

Digital Solutions in India 2023: A Special Feature

Technologies, Tools, and Tweaks in the Digital Solutions Industry in India

Lapiz Digital Continues Doing What It Does Best

MPS Limited is Gearing Up to Supercharge Scale

Faster Growth at Westchester Publishing Services

Expert Series articles:

Packagers Can Do That? Publisher Solutions That Check Many Boxes

The Preprint Workflow Revolution

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