Trajectory, a digital distributor and technology developer, has reached a deal with Chinese mobile phone carrier Xiaomi to expand its e-book distribution network in China. Trajectory also announced that it will begin distributing digital titles from Macmillan, MIT Press and U.K. wholesaler Gardners Books into Xiaomi’s network of 150 million customers.

The agreement was announced at the London Book Fair and is the latest deal from Trajectory focused on distributing e-books into the Chinese digital book marketplace and bringing Chinese e-books into the North American market. Xiaomi is a major Internet services company and one of the largest smartphone manufacturers and vendors in the world, offering a platform supporting e-books, apps, games and other digital content. Xiaomi serves a market of more than 150 million consumers, sold more than 60 million smartphones in 2014 and is a major online retailer in China.

The e-book distribution deal will also feature the use of Trajectory’s Natural Language Processing Engine, an algorithmic technology designed for book discovery that analyzes the text of books and offers optimized keywords and book recommendations. The technology can process books in English and Chinese.

Trajectory CEO Jim Bryant, said “We are excited to add Xiaomi to our authorized list of e-book retailers in China. This new partnership compliments our strategy to establish relations with every relevant e-book sales channel in the world and to help our publishing partners reach new markets.”