Diesel eBooks, an independent e-book retailer that shut down in 2014, has been relaunched as Diesel Digital, a new service offering potential clients a turnkey e-book retail operation.

Originally founded in 2004 by L. Scott Redford, a former sales and marketing executive at Sprint PCS, Diesel eBooks was a general e-book retailing site. The new Diesel Digital service is also under the direction of Redford. Diesel Digital offers to supply an easy-to-setup branded e-book retail site complete with hosting, e-commerce, fulfillment from Ingram, analytics, mobile optimization and more.

The Diesel eBooks store shut down operations in March 2014. The online e-book retailer was among several e-tailers forced to close operations in the wake of the switch by major publishers from the wholesale model to agency pricing in 2010 and the subsequent Apple price-fixing case. Diesel eBooks is also among the independent e-book retailers who have filed anti-trust suits against Apple and the Big Five publishers implicated in the price fixing case.