E-Reads, the backlist digital publishing house, has acquired U.S. print and digital rights to 15 titles by British science fiction author Brian Aldiss. John R. Douglas at E-Reads brokered the deal with agent Robin Straus, and the deal includes the purchase of such titles by the Hugo award winner as Greybeard, Galaxies Like Grains of Sand and the Helliconia series.

Aldiss has won a number of SF honors--in addition to nabbing two Hugo's, he also has a Nebula and a John W. Campbell Memorial award--and wrote the short story "Super Toys Last All Summer Long," which Stephen Spielberg adapted for his film, A.I. The last book he published was Harm, released in 2007 by Del Rey.

Although the agreement is for 15 books, E-Reads has the option of acquiring Aldiss's entire backlist, and part of the deal also includes a new novel from the author, Finches of Mars. Aldiss will also be writing new introductions to each of the novels included in the sale.