After we reported last week that a parody of E.L. GreyJames's Fifty Shades of Grey, called Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, was being shopped, the satire has been bought. Andrew Shaffer's comedic take on the erotica novel was acquired by Renee Sedliar at Da Capo and will be a spring 2012 "drop-in" title for the publisher.

Shaffer, who wrote Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love (Harper Perennial), tweets under the monikers @evilwylie and @emperorfranzen, both popular accounts in publishing and media circles, and also reviews romance fiction. Da Capo said Shaffer's book follows a handsome count named Earl Grey who gets involved with a young coed. The press elaborated: "Past the tacky waterbed, strobe light, and blacklight posters inside his "Room of Doom," he brings Anna, a naïve college student into his twisted world of, well, mostly naughty dialogue and light spanking"

Beyond the humor, Da Capo, which took North American rights in the deal (which was negotiated by agent Brandi Bowles at Foundry Literary + Media), said Shaffer's book also touches on some of the other topics which James's erotica novel has sparked conversation about. Da Capio said: "The parody brings to life all of the arguments for and against 50 Shades, including the feminist concerns, portrayal of BDSM, roots in Twilight fan-fiction, and EL James's writing style."