Health Communications, Inc (HCI), the original publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise, has long been a producer of inspirational and self-help books. Their latest publication, The Adventures of Binder-Man, follows in Chicken Soup’s wake as a collection of true stories illustrating how “small choices made each day can create joy, meaning, and lasting change.” Don Kuhl created the character of Binder-Man – complete with donned cape - as a way to bring humor and inspiration to his wearied employees during his business’s start-up phase. Binder-Man’s motivation helped turn The Change Companies into a multi-million dollar business and selling over 20 million interactive journals worldwide.

For two decades, Kuhl compiled his stories and life lessons. In November 2012 he turned the collection into a hardcover book to share with clients. Peter Vegso, founder of HCI, discovered The Adventures of Binder-Man at HCI’s US Journal Training conference, and knew Kuhl was onto something. HCI is taking the book public with a scheduled print run of 35,000 later this March. Kim Weiss, HCI’s director of communications, says, “I was wowed by the gorgeous full color art and Don Kuhl’s heartwarming collection of stories about change and humorous personal disclosures. This one hits it out of the park.”