Beaufort Books has acquired a book about Jodi Arias, who was convicted of the murder of her boyfriend, Wednesday, in an Arizona court. Arias's trial--she was charged with killing Travis Alexander in 2008-- began five months ago and the Beaufort's book, Killer Girlfriend, by AP reporters Brian Skoloff and Josh Hoffner, will be, the publisher promised "the first definitive and comprehensive account to be published on the entire case." Beaufort also promised the book to be full of "sex, violence, and tragedy."

Skoloff and Hoffner, covered the trial for the AP and their book was originally released earlier this month by Waterfront Digital Press (which was founded by literary agent William Gladstone). The Beaufort paperback edition, which is set for June 10, will feature a new final chapter that addresses the verdict. Beaufort said it's doing a first announced printing on Killer Girlfriend of 20,000 copies.