Mysterious Press, an imprint of Grove Atlantic, announced it will publish a story by a 17-year-old Stieg Larsson never previously available in English. The piece is part of a larger anthology of Sweden's greatest crime writers, A Darker Shade of Sweden, and is slated for publication in February 2014.

The release from the publisher said that "ever since Larsson illuminated Swedish crime writing with his acclaimed and bestselling Millennium trilogy, readers around the world have wanted more from him and his Swedish colleagues." The publisher promised the collection will "sate the desire to read about the dark side of Sweden."

The anthology will be edited by John-Henry Holmberg, an Edgar-nominated author and also one of Larsson's close friends. In addition to Larsson's story, the collection includes original works, also published for the first time in English, by other notable Swedish crime writers including Henning Mankell, Åsa Larsson, Maj Sjöwall, Per Wahlöö and Sara Stridesberg. The collection will also feature the first English translation of a short story by Larsson’s long-time companion, Eva Gabrielsson.