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People love books. When I hear talk of the demise of books, of the book publishing industry, I don’t believe it. Not when I see bookstores crowded with people listening to a reading, or see them browsing on a Sunday afternoon. Not when the AAP confirms an increase in trade book sales and publishers’ net revenues for 2012.

There may be coffee shops in bookstores now. We may have come to accept the role of once-feared “big box” bookstores. We may even have come to accept the presence of e-readers in our lives, but you cannot tell me that people don’t love books. Whether it’s self-improvement or a kid’s first picture book, a novel or a biography of some long-forgotten war hero, at heart books tell a story. And that’s why we’re all here. Because we love stories, and books give us stories.

PW is seeing increases and reaching new milestones across all its platforms—print, digital, e-newsletters, social media. To me, this overall increase is one more validation that books aren’t dead. That people do indeed love books.

With BEA on the horizon, I hope you’ll stop by PW’s booth #1252 at the Javits and say hello to me and the PW staff.

Best wishes,

Cevin Bryerman


Publishers Weekly


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