The inimitable Barbara Vey, now celebrating six years as the leading lady of Beyond Her Book, the PW blog with a following to beat the band, is set to host the all-new RomanceCast webcast. The debut of RomanceCast is September 17th, with three sponsors signed on. Contact your sales rep if you’d like to get in on a future RomanceCast.

Science Fiction and Fantasy is a new sponsored-content webcast that will be hosted by PW’s Rose Fox. You may know Rose as the host of Publishers Weekly Radio, now available exclusively on PW’s Web site. This new SF/Fantasy webcast is open to sponsors who want to align their brand with PW and showcase up-and-coming authors. Contact your rep to participate.

While you’re at it, consider bundling print, podcast, webcast and/or PW Radio ads to extend your reach to the Publishers Weekly community.

Other sponsored webcasts include KidsCast, FaithCast and LitCast, about new fiction and nonfiction. Take a peek at previous webcast topics, with on-demand listening capability.

Contact your rep to discuss how these online opportunities can enhance your marketing plans.