Today’s issue of Publishers Weekly is dedicated to books about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. November 22 will mark the 50th anniversary of his death. Growing up in suburban Long Island, I didn’t know that I would look back and see that time as one of innocence. I remember that day. I was sitting in math class and over the school speaker came an announcement. In hindsight, the assassination of JFK changed everything. I know I’m not alone in seeking new reflections of that pivotal time in American history. This issue of the magazine, with the books selected by PW’s editorial team, will be my guidepost.

This week I’ll be in Grand Rapids, Michigan with PW’s Nashville-based Midwest sales rep, Tory Abel. We’ll be visiting Zondervan, Brilliance, Baker and Kregel publishers. Tomorrow evening we plan to visit the renowned Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, although I’m sorry we’re going to miss tonight’s sold-out event with Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion's Radio Romance Tour 2013.

A few weeks ago, we saw the verdict come down in the Apple / DOJ e-book antitrust case. Apple was found guilty. And now, this coming Friday, August 9th, 2013, Apple and the Justice Department will be back in court for a hearing on proposed remedies. PW Senior Writer Andrew Albanese has written an epilogue about the verdict for the popular PW e-single, The Battle of $9.99: How Apple, Amazon and the “Big Six” Publishers Changed the E-Book Business Overnight.

If you purchased the e-single, you’re entitled to receive the updated edition for free from wherever you purchased it. The cost for the e-single is $1.99, and it’s still a riveting read, in my opinion, worthwhile to better understand where we’re headed with books and e-books. There’s an intelligent, interesting Teleread interview with Andrew about the verdict, conducted by the always sharp Chris Meadows.

Holiday planning is probably foremost on your mind right now, if you’ve got books you’re planning to promote for seasonal gift-giving. The PW sales team has been busy working with publishers and media planners on how best to use PW’s resources in mapping out the fall and winter seasons.

There are now four upcoming issues featuring books for holiday gift-giving. The editorial team revised the calendar slightly and split up graphic novels and illustrated gift books—providing yet another chance to promote your titles to librarians, book buyers and booksellers. Here is the updated information:

Christmas and Hanukkah Books – issue date September 16; reservation deadline August 30 (Friday before Labor Day)

Graphic Novels as Gifts – issue date September 30; reservation deadline September 16

Sports Books for the Holidays – issue date October 14; reservation deadline September 30

Illustrated Gift Books – issue date October 28; reservation deadline October 14

Do ask us about bundling your print and online buys with PW Radio 30-second spots, podcasts and/or webcasts. These opportunities can spread your message deeper into your target markets. Last week’s “Serving Up the Next Hot Cookbook” webcast, hosted by Mark Rotella, drew just about 650 participants. The content is evergreen, too, in that people can continue to listen after the event.

Barbara Vey is hosting a new RomanceCast webcast; for the debut on September 17, 2013, we’ve already secured three sponsors. I am looking to do a Sci-Fi / Fantasy webcast in October. Rose Fox will be working with me on this opportunity. Contact me for more information or to sign up.

Let me know what you think. I’d like to hear your comments and ideas about how we can work together and tap into the PW community. Contact me. We’ll make a date to have a conversation.

Best wishes,


Cevin Bryerman


Publishers Weekly


P.S. If you plan to be in Santa Fe in November for PubWest or the Tony Hillerman Writers’ Conference where I’ll be speaking, let’s say hello. I’ll let you know more details about my participation in each of these next time.

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