Rumors of Borders selling a piece of its business are swirling this weekend just days after CEO Mike Edwards said in a letter to vendors that it had decided against selling the company, or parts of it, and was preparing to find a way to exit from Chapter 11 as a intact company. Reports from different sources said Borders has received interest in acquiring 225 of its superstores with Barnes & Noble interested in 10. Earlier this week, PW Daily reported that two companies had made a bid by the May 6 filing deadline – one was a financier and the other a retailer.

On the Borders employee Web site, meanwhile, posts indicated that a new store layout has been developed. Highlights include more nonbook items – pens, spa and baby items plus expanded gift and stationery, although not Paperchase items, according to the posters. Adult fiction and nonfiction will be placed together and genres will be reduced. The posters also said Borders expects to be selling new Kobo e-readers this summer that could sell for $79.99.

Borders had no comment on the sale reports or on the authenticity of the employee post.