No Petty Pace

Gabrielle Zevin (The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry) lands at #8 on our hardcover fiction list with Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, “an exhilarating epic of friendship, grief, and computer game development,” per our starred review. In a prepub interview with PW, Zevin, who writes YA as well as adult novels, explained how “games are another form of storytelling. Many games can be understood as novels are: they have genres, they have characters, they have plots, they have literary references and references to other games,” she said. “Game storytelling is not so different from novel writing.”

TikTok Boom

Lucy Score has more than two dozen steamy romance novels to her name, including Things We Never Got Over, which published in January to modest sales. Soon after its release, the book started getting some big BookTok love: in March, for instance, popular video creator @thebooksiveloved (549K followers) gushed over “the spice, you guys, oh my god, the spice!” Sales have been ticking up steadily, and this week, print unit sales cracked five digits for the first time.

Panel Discussion

Rachel Smythe has the #5 book in the country with Lore Olympus, Vol. 2, the second collection of her popular Greek myth webcomics. The book is #1 on our hardcover fiction list with 38K print copies sold; another 12K print copies landed the trade paperback edition at #6 on that list.

Back on the hardcover fiction list, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin debuts at #4. “Series creators [Kevin] Eastman
and Peter Laird reunite for their first full-length comics collaboration in more than three decades,” per our review, “in this gritty tale set in a toxic, nightmarish New York City of the near future.”


Jason Kander
#13 Hardcover Nonfiction
“In this powerful memoir, Missouri politician Kander recounts withdrawing from the 2019 Kansas City mayoral race to seek treatment for PTSD,” our review said. “Kander displays a level of vulnerability not often seen in political memoirs, offering a bracing portrait of untreated PTSD and an insightful psychological profile of political ambition.”

Brittany Maher and Cassandra Speer
#16 Hardcover Nonfiction
“Maher and Speer, founders of the online women’s ministry Her True Worth, compile ‘tips and tactics to guide you back to God’ in their compassionate debut,” our review said. “The authors’ empathy is palpable, and they are refreshingly candid in admitting their struggles to live by their own advice.”