Hello Oprah

Ann Napolitano’s Hello Beautiful, the latest Oprah’s Book Club pick, had an unsurprisingly successful first week, hitting #2 on the adult fiction list and #8 overall. It’s the best first-week showing of the past few Oprah picks, including one from bestselling heavyweight Barbara Kingsolver. Our review called Napolitano’s book a “striking story of four Chicago sisters and the young man who enters their lives.” The author, the review adds, “breathes great life into her characters, and brings insight into their quiet moments as they gradually come into their own.”

From Paris, with Love

Paris Hilton making headlines again was probably not on your 2023 bingo card, but Paris: The Memoir is a hit. In its first week, the book sold 13,640 print copies, enough to get it to #3 on our adult nonfiction list. Per our review, the heiress opens up “about the abuse she endured in what she dubs the ‘troubled-teen industry’ ” and shares a bit of the “obligatory TMZ bait” readers might expect. “Those unimpressed by the author’s occasional solipsism are likely to appreciate her advocacy for survivors of cultish care centers.”

The Book, the Cartoon, the Oscars, and the Other Book

When Barnes & Noble booksellers chose Charlie Mackesy’s The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse as book of the year in 2019, it was a bit of a surprise. Less so is the fact that, a week after the animated adaptation of the book won an Academy Award, a companion volume detailing the process behind the film’s production has slid on to our adult fiction list. It’s rare that a book about animation—let alone a short film—ever gets that level of attention, but then again, the film had a whole lot of Hollywood firepower attached to it, including J.J. Abrams, Idris Elba, and Woody Harrelson.


Benjamin Hall
#1 Overall
Fox News correspondent Hall debuts at the top of the charts with his memoir of his experience covering the war in Ukraine, including surviving the attack that took the life of his Fox colleague, photojournalist Pierre Zakrzewski, last March.

Harlan Coben
#1 Fiction,
#5 Overall
The latest book by perennial bestseller Coben, a standalone thriller, sold 27,336 print books in its first week—though, according to our review, it’s “far from Coben’s best work.”