Frederator Books, the digital-first e-book imprint of Frederator, the YouTube cartoon producer, is launching a new e-book series starring the incredibly adorable Catbug, an animated character spun off from Frederator’s wildly popular YouTube cartoon show Bravest Warriors. Frederator Books launched the series in November with My Name is Catbug, What's Yours and will release two books a month through April 2014.

The series is produced by the creative team of Jason Johnson, who is also co-writer and creative consultant for Bravest Warriors, and by illustrator Emily Jourdan. First seen as a character on Bravest Warriors, Catbug is a dimension-jumping, inordinately cute hybrid feline with ladybug wings and is a real fan favorite. Frederator gave Catbug its own YouTube show in November and the new show clocked about 4 million viewers.

Released at the end of December was Everything is Okay, and coming in January, The Ice Cream Man. All of the books feature the very funny one-liners of the inimitable Catbug. Launched in 2013, Frederator Books is directed by David Wilk. The imprint launched with the Lieography series, a line of fanciful biographies (“absolutely untrue, totally made up, 100% Fake!”) figures like Harry Houdini, Babe Ruth and Amelia Earhart, that are completely made up.

The e-book series is available on all digital platforms, including Apple, Nook, Amazon, Kobo and Android. The iBook and Nook versions let you hear the voice of Catbug voice actor, 7 year old Sam Lavagnino. Eink digital readers offer text and Jourdon’s artwork.

Frederator (and Frederator Books) founder Fred Seibert said, “I learned a lot by working in animation and cartoons. For instance, when kids like a show they want the next show. That’s why series publishing is perfect for kids. If you find something that kids like, they watch or read it over and over again. Digital publishing provides the opportunity to publish more quickly, and so we can respond to the demand of ‘I want more, faster.”