Canadian cartoonist/illustrator Britt Wilson has gained notice for her wildly imaginative art style, gaining praise from Kate Beaton for her "utter mastery of drawing skill.” With Cat Dad, King of the Goblins she offers a slapstick fantasy about an odd family where two young girls, Miri and Lucy, have a giant lizard as a companion, and a mother with a mysterious job (witch?) has turned their father in a fluffy white cat. When Dad gets rubbed the wrong way, he escapes into a closet inhabited by, it turns out, a race of goblins. When the goblins start worshipping Cat Dad as their king, the kids have to find a way to set things right.

Thanks to a slapstick storyline as loose and appealing as Wilson’s art, Cat Dad, King of the Goblins is an entertaining romp that leaves room for a lot of sequels. Due in September, it’s also the kick-off of a new line of kids comics by publisher Koyama Press, best known for such authors as Michael DeForge and Jesse Jacobs.

Wilson is one of a ever widening of young cartoonists who has worked on Boom Studio’s Adventure Time comics—it’s proving to be a prolific training ground for a generation of creators as influenced by illustration and animation as cartooning.