Crowdwatch spotlights new and notable crowdfunded comics projects that are worthy of attention—or support. This week, "transmedia" storytelling, a "Cringe"-worthy collection, Tezuka on Mars, and the truth behind the fall of Rome.

Cringe: An Anthology of Embarrassment
J.T. Yost

Goal: $2,125
Pledged as of 6/18: $2,643
End date: June 30

Illustrator and Birdcage Bottom Books publisher J.T. Yost brings together over 20 cartoonists for a collection of short stories about "personal humiliation, shame, and awkwardness." The stories range from uncomfortable social situations, violent confrontations, and the many dangers of alcohol.

Contributors to Cringe include Box Brown, Victor Kerlow, Sam Henderson, Cara Bean, Jeffrey Brown, Steve Lafler, Lizz Lunney, Sam Spina, Shaenon Garrity, Noah Van Sciver, and more. The finished book will a 112 page paperback with black and white interiors and color covers. Estimated delivery date is November 2014.

Pablo Bear Goes to Asia
Pablo Ientile

Goal: €6,000
Pledged as of 6/18: €5,260
End date: July 1

For six months, Argentinian cartoonist Pablo Ientile traveled around southeast Asia, making stops in China, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. Throughout the trip he continuously sketched his experiences and met fellow artists and other residents. Now he's collecting all his various drawings into a visual travelogue/ guide starring an anthropomorphic bear.

Pablo Bear Goes to Asia will be written in English (and eventually be translated into Spanish, German, and other languages) and the finished book will be a 170 full-color paperback. The book is largely finished and in need of funds for a first printing of 500 copies. Estimated delivery date is October 2014.

Augie and the Green Knight
Zachary Weiner

Goal: $30,000
Pledged as of 6/18: $267,034
End date: July 2

Augie is a young science and math-obsessed girl who finds herself in a world of fantasy and gets entangled in the story of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." Through her, Weiner retells the Arthurian legend, but flips the perspective to that of the Green Knight.

The story is accompanied by over 10 full-page watercolors as well as black-and-white spot illustrations by artist Boulet, who also provides the cover. The finished book will be hardcover, and a special Kickstarter exclusive, green-cloth cover edition is available. Estimated delivery date is February 2015.

The Arthawk Entertainment Online Network (AEON)
Arthawk Entertainment

Goal: $100,000
Pledged as of 6/18: $2,144
End date: July 2

The Arthawk Entertainment Online Network (AEON) is an ambitious "transmedia" hub that combines comics, animation, and gaming to tell stories by professional comic artists, animators, and game developers. AEON's goal is to offer innovative and quality entertainment at an affordable price.

The AEON aims to launch with four series, beginning with "Blackjack," about an African American soldier of fortune in the 1930s, created by writer and Arthawk Entertainment editor-in-chief Alex Simmons. The other launch series are "Space Station Oribiter: Cloud 99" written and illustrated Christopher M. Taylor, "Action Angels International," created by Derrick Roberson and James Allen Jr., and "I Am Power Unlimited" by Derrick Robertson and James Allen Jr.

Captain Ken Vol. 1, 2
Digital Manga

Goal: $13,000
Pledged as of 6/18: $12,877
End date: July 3

Digital Manga Publishing continues is initiative to publish the entire library of works by legendary mangaka Osamu Tezuka with the publication of "Captain Ken," an original two-volume shonen sci-fi adventure. This follows past successful campaigns for Unico, Barbara, and Swallowing the Earth.

"Captain Ken" takes place in a future where Earth has aggressively colonized Mars and its people, and is the story of an adventurous Earthling who tries to end the conflict between the two opposing sides. Both volumes will be printed at standard manga size, and contain over 200 pages of black and white art. Estimated delivery date is February 2015.

The Zone Continuum
Bruce Zick

Goal: $10,000
Pledged as of 6/18: $145
End date: July 4

The Zone Continuum was a cult classic comic published in the 1990s, and later as a web series. Now, writer/illustrator Bruce Zick is reviving the series in print with a new four-issue miniseries.

The Zone Continuum centers on a race of ancient men known as the Dar, who have existed for millennia in "Zones" scattered throughout the world. However, due to mankind's destruction of the environment, the Zones are shrinking and the Dars are in mortal danger. Talon, a Dar who lives atop a skyscraper in New York City, is a protector of humanity, but must combat Spere, another Dar who wishes to eradicate humans from the world. The planned series will run for four issues containing black and white/duoshade art. Estimated delivery date is 2015.

Amiculus: A Secret History Volume I
Travis Horseman

Goal: $9,350
Pledged as of 6/18: $4,387
End date: July 12

There's more to the fall of Rome than Nero's infamous fiddling. That secret history is the story of what really happened after the boy-emperor Romulus was exiled in the late 5th century. At the center of the conspiracy, amidst the murders, betrayal, and sacrifices, is a mysterious cloaked figure known as Amiculus.

Amiculus is the first of a planned three-volume comic written by Travis Horseman and illustrated by Italian artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo. The finished book will be 60 pages in full-color. Estimated delivery date is December 2014.

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