Publishers Humanoids have a long and rich history of bringing an array of the best, and most interesting, European comics to wider English-reading audiences, and that tradition continues as they prepare to release a number of diverse titles in the upcoming months. Notable among these is a story of atmospheric underwater horror, Sanctum, by French authors Xavier Dorison and Christophe Bec. Originally released in French as a 3-part series between 2001-2004, the best-selling series is collected here in a new hardback edition collecting the whole tale, on sale July 16th.

Sanctum follows the crew of the U.S.S. Nebraska, who, upon receiving a distress call from another submarine, navigate through vast, dark caverns to discover the shipwreck of a 70-year old Soviet submarine, whose crew appears to have died under mysterious circumstances. As they begin to investigate what led to the Soviet crew's demise, the team unearth a massive underground sanctum dedicated to Mot, the ancient Ugrait god of death.

As strange, inexplicable events begin to occur onboard the Nebraska, it soon becomes apparent that the sanctum is not a temple of worship, but a complex prison chamber designed to contain Mot, one from which they must plot a careful route of escape- without awaking the ancient death god and unleashing upon the world.