Set in Tokyo three years after a mammoth alien spaceship arrived to hover menacingly over the city, Inio Asano’s charming and unusual sci-fi manga series Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction follows the lives of two irresistible teen girls—Kadode and Ontan—as they navigate high school, friends, and family stuff under the open-ended threat of alien invasion and interplanetary war. Asano has turned manga’s magical schoolgirl trope into two funny, ironical, pop culture and social media-obsessed gamer girls, who we follow through the cluttered urban landscape of Tokyo against a backdrop of geopolitical clashes over the invasion, and the army’s relentless slaughter of a mysterious and weirdly docile alien invasion force. In this 12-page excerpt, a mysterious Japanese arms firm prepares for the worse; while Kadode, just graduated from high school, works up the nerve to ask her longtime crush—a young nice-guy teacher from her high school—if they can be a couple. Viz will publish Inio ASANO’s DEAD DEAD DEMON'S DEDEDEDE DESTRUCTION Vol. 6 in July. © 2014 Inio ASANO