After multiple reorganizations of the Crown Publishing Group at Random House, another shuffling at the division has been implemented. The marketing team for Crown Archetype is being re-jiggered, Donna Passannante, v-p executive director of market for Crown, said "to create even more focuse , specialized teams with expertise within our respective core categories." The categories Crown Archetype publishes in are: health, wellness, self-improvement, and spirituality (Harmony Books); entertainment/pop culture, sports, and humor (Archetype and Three Rivers Press); business and innovation (Crown Business); and conservative politics (Crown Forum).

With the shifts Meredith McGinnis and Julie Cepler have new role and titles. McGinnis, who's been at Crown since 2009, has been named director of marketing for Harmony Books; Cepler, who joined Crown in 2011, has been promoted to director of marketing for Archetype, Crown Forum and Three Rivers Press. Tommy Cabrera, who's been in the Crown marketing department since 2012, has also been promoted to marketing associate for Crown Forum and Three Rivers Press. Christina Foxley, currently marketing manager, will now be focusing solely on Harmony Books. Lauren Velasquez is currently marketing assistant in the ad/promo team and is keeping the same title, and moving to the Crown Archetype team. Tara Gilbride remains v-p, director of marketing and publicity for Crown Business.