The independent publisher Morgan James Publishing has added two new imprints. The first is Glazer-Kennedy Publishing and is being done in conjunction with well-known marketing consultants Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. The imprint is kicking off this summer with Glazer’s own Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful. Morgan James publisher Rick Frishman said 25 other titles are in the pipeline and he hopes to release several titles in the fall. The imprint is aimed at entrepreneurs, and books will provide advice on topics ranging from show to start companies and business planning to advertising and marketing. Authors are being drawn from the Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle, a group of more than 200,000 independent business owners who pay dues to the organization in exchange for webinars, conferences and other materials from the two men.

The sports imprint, which is being called The Sports Professor, will debut this fall with Jerry Colangelo’s Return of the Goal. Morgan James president David Hancock said 18 additional titles have been signed for release in 2010. The lead title will be Beyond the Box, by CNN and Fox sports business analyst Rick Horrow with Karla Swatek. Hancock acquired the book after it was canceled by HarperCollins’ Collins imprint. Described as an inside look at the sports industry's drivers and behind-the-scenes personalities, Beyond will be released in January. A second Horrow title, When the Game is on the Line, originally published by Penguin, will re re-released next year. The imprint will focus on titles examining the intersection of business and sports.