Two former executives of Nicholas Brealey Publishing’s U.S. operations have launched the business publisher Bibliomotion ( in Boston, Mass. Erika Heilman will serve as publisher and Jill Friedlander as president of the new company, which will release books in both digital and print formats.

“Over the past few years, we’ve heard—and experienced firsthand—how difficult it is to retrofit old publishing processes for a new publishing environment. We decided that the best approach is to design a house that leads with digital product but does not forego selling print books,” says Heilman. In addition the company is set up to partner with authors. In exchange for foregoing an advance, writers are given a greater say in the publishing process and aggressive royalties.

Bibliomotion’s first list, which is slated for spring 2012, will include: Dick Cross’s Just Run It! (Apr.), on helping underperforming companies, and Lisa Bodell’s Hit the Reset (May), on creating a culture where “thinking” is as valued within an organizations as “doing.” The press is also planning a Social Business series of short, enhanced e-books/print books on social marketing in time for South by Southwest Interactive in March.