Turner Publishing's Becoming China's Bitch: And Nine More Catastrophes We Must Avoid Right Now by Peter D. Kiernan has topped Amazon's bestseller list, holding on to the top spot as of February 27 and jumping all the way from #87,199. Kiernan's book is also currently #1 on Barnes & Noble's bestseller list. The book, which releases February 28 with a run of 25,000, is already going back to press, according to Turner president and publisher Todd Bottorff. Said Bottorff of the sudden sales spike on Amazon: "All the stars have to align to get this type of result--the right subject, at the right time, with the right author, and the right marketing, all of that came together on this book."

Kiernan's book is about the issues America has ignored that are leading to excessive national debt that is increasingly funded by China, and it suggests pragmatic, nonpartisan solutions. The book states that the U.S. risks falling behind China in the global economy if the country doesn't find a solution to these problems. Kiernan is a former partner at Goldman Sachs, and is chairman of his own venture firm and founding board member of the Christoper and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Turner has put a lot of resources behind the title, including lin ing up a significant media tour that includes Hardball, Morning Joe, Imus in the Morning, as well as interviews for Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg Television, and CNN.