Adventure Publications, which has been focused on regional, nature and outdoor guides for almost 25 years, is launching a new line of mystery fiction titles. The mysteries--they will initially will be set in the Midwest, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, and Rocky Mountain regions--will target both mystery fans and outdoor enthusiasts by featuring outdoor/wilderness settings and themes. Four titles for adult readers will be published in both hardcover and e-book in 2013, with Minneapolis-area mystery writer Pat Dennis in charge of acquisitions. Dennis is currently soliciting submissions from other mystery writers throughout the country.

"Dennis has experience in mystery writing, which my staff does not have," said Gerri Slabaugh, Adventure’s co-publisher. The press's previous forays into fiction were a few Scandinavian-American humor books and a four-book YA series by Ron Gamer, set in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoeing area, that were released between 2003-2007.

"The goal for that series was to engage the reluctant reader with outdoor themes. We enjoyed that approach and believe this new line for adults is an extension of that endeavor," Slabaugh wrote.

Adventure, which has 500 titles in print and distributes another 500 titles for two dozen small regional presses, is located in Cambridge, Minn.