The digital tide is high – and rising – at leading publishing education programs. A Publishers Weekly survey finds more courses than ever on metadata and SEO, with the number of graduates finding digital-driven jobs growing, too.

“In 2007, just 6% of NYU [publishing program] grads landed jobs in digital. Now, that number is over 30%. And, five years ago, NYU offered about 3 digital courses—they now have 17,” Andrew Albanese, PW’s senior writer, tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “Publishers now expect their job candidates to be familiar with apps, code and mobile.”

In children’s fiction, Rose Fox finds a boxed review for Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner and illustrated by Julian Crouch. Maggot Moon is set in a fictional Motherland in the middle of the space race and stars Standish, a dyslexic 15-year-old. “Gardner really nails Standish’s narrative voice, and Crouch’s flipbook-style illustrations, which teem with flies, rats, and maggots, both underscore the ruined setting but actually create a sense of hope by book’s end, one that Gardner leaves readers with, too,” says Fox, a PW reviews editor who blogs at Genreville.

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