Publishers Weekly is maintaining a listing of special offers, events, and discounts provided in an effort to mitigate the impact of the new coronavirus on the book publishing industry and on related communities. Please email our news team with updates or questions.

  • April 2

  • Conquer Covid-19. Humble Bundle, the pay-what-for-you-wish for bundles of DRM-free digital content venture, is offering a new one-week Conquer Covid-19 bundle that offers more than $1,000.00 in games and e-books for $30. The bundle lasts until April 7. 100% of the funds raised will go to support initiatives and people responding to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • #WeLoveBookstores. A coalition of Bay Area authors, booksellers and readers have joined together to create #WeLoveBookstores, a series of online events around books and authors designed to support Bat Area independent bookstores.
  • Kepler’s Books Debuts Books By Mail. In response to the closing of public libraries, San Francisco’s Kepler’s Books is collaborating with the Menlo Park Library on Books by Mail, an innovative partnership that will enable Kepler’s to deliver books to 500 library “power users” with books on hold. Patrons can request to have two of the books they have on hold shipped to them (at no cost to them) from Kepler’s Books and those patrons can return the books whenever the library reopens.
  • A Good Idea from Bad Idea. Newly launched monthly comics publisher Bad Idea has created a emergency relief fund for comics shop retailers that will begin with a balance of $25,000. The fund will be distributed equally to the each one of the 100 retailers recruited to sell the inaugural list of Bad Idea titles. Bad Idea also announced that it will postpone its first list of titles, scheduled to launch in May, until later in the year, due to the pandemic.
  • It’s Alive Supports Retailers. It’s Alive, an independent publisher that uses crowdfunding to fund reprints of out of print graphic novels, will donate half the sales price of its comics to the local comics shop of your choice.
  • S&S Teams with Simon & Schuster adding its support to, a nonprofit effort to support independent bookstores, which channels book sales to affiliated ABA bookstores and nonaffiliated book sales made via the site into a financial pool that is distributed to independent booksellers registered in the program.
  • Free e-books for kids. Children’s book publisher Knowbuddy Resources is offering free access to is library of young reader e-books which include animal books and home project books. The publisher is also offering a buy one, get one free offer for all its titles offered via the website. Use the code BOGO at the checkout.
  • Free U.K. Textbooks. Jisc, a U.K. not for profit education and research services provider, is teaming with educational study platforms Kortext and VitalSource to offer access to thousands of study modules under the Free Student eTextbook Programme.
  • Free Kids’s Resources from Toon Books. Kids graphic novel publisher Toon Books is offering an online page of links to free comics activity resources for kids based on its award-winning kids graphic books.
  • Digital Marvel Comics For Free. Marvel is offering free access to recent comics series via Marvel Unlimited, a digital comics subscription service that offers access to more than 27,000 back issues of Marvel Comics, from April 2 until May 4. This month the free reads includes the Avengers, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Man, and more
  • Free Dark Horse Digital Comics. In response to the pandemic, Dark Horse Comics is releasing the first issue of more than 80 comics series for free, as well as a few volumes of graphics novels, available to read via Dark Horse Digital from now until April 30. The series include such titles as Umbrella Academy, American Gods, and Disney’s Frozen, as well as such graphic novels as Empowered Vol. 1, and Hellboy Vol. 1.
  • Free Chicken Soup for the Soul E-books. Inspirational publisher Chicken Soup for the Soul is offering two e-books for free in response to the pandemic: Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses.

March 30

  • DC Entertainment Responds to Pandemic. In response to the pandemic’s impact on comics retailers, DC issued a statement that it is offering direct market comics shops full returnability on periodicals and books dated March 18 to June 24, 2020. DC will also offer credit for return shipping of those items. In addition, DC says it anticipates continued “regional volatility” in business operations and is exploring a “multi-distributor” model to get new content to readers. DC is also in “active conversations,” with Diamond Comics Distributors, the dominant comics distributor in the U.S., which has suspended the delivery of new comics to comics shops indefinitely. “DC will continue to monitor the situation, continue to speak with you directly, and continue to support you through the days ahead. You are the lifeblood of this industry.”
  • Dav Pilkey to the Rescue! Dav Pilkey, the creator of the wildly popular kids comics and prose series Dog Man and Captain Underpants, is teaming up with the Library of Congress of offer children and their parents entertaining video content. Beginning April 1, Pilkey will offer how-to videos on drawing and read alouds; and every Friday at 8am on social media, Pilkey will offer additional videos and other material for kids. Pilkey’s material can be found on the LOC's Facebook page and Twitter (@Scholastic).
  • Another DC Bookstore Virtual Bookclub. MahoganyBooks, an African-American owned bookstore in Washington D.C., hosts a virtual bookclub on the first Friday of each month via Face Book Live @mahoganybooks, in partnershiup with the Very Smart Brothas blog. For more info contact:
  • Pay What You Wish. To provide comics for people sheltering in place during the pandemic, It’s Alive, a publisher that uses crowdfunding to bring out of print comics back into print, is offering PDFs of the first issue of its comics series on a “pay-as-you-wish” basis until the end of April. Fans can pay for the PDFs via PayPal by emailing to:
  • Free Access to ‘World Histories’ Magazine. U.K. publisher Exact Editions is offering free access to BBC World Histories magazine, which provides commentary on how past events have influenced contemporary trends, for a month.
  • Free Software for Writers. Writing Analytics, an online service that allows writers to track their progress and motivate them to work, is offering access to its software for free until the end of May 2020.
  • IBPA Extends Membership During Pandemic. Beginning March 30, the Independent Book Publishers Association will extend its membership terms for all current members by three months at no additional cost.

March 27

  • Ben Katchor Speaks On Zoom. Cartoonist and MacArthur “genius grant” fellow Ben Katchor will give a virtual talk about his new book, The Dairy Restaurant (Schocken), a text and comics account of the development of the milk and meat taboo, vegetarian practices, the rise of the dairy restaurant and his own experiences in these fast disappearing restaurants. The virtual talk and visual presentation will take place April 1 and is hosted on the Zoom platform by Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn.
  • Michael DeForge Twitch Tour. Forced to cancel the book tour for cartoonist Michael DeForge’s new graphic novel, Familiar Face, publisher Drawn & Quarterly says DeForge will instead offer a livestream appearance on Twitch on April 2. The tour was originally planned for Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis, Needle and Pens in San Francisco, Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles, and Bluestockings in New York.
  • The National Emergency Library Is Open. In response to the closure of schools and public libraries, the Internet Archives has launched the National Emergency Library, an online collection of more than 1.4 million books dating from roughly the 1920s up until about 2019. “The library system, because of our national emergency, is coming to aid those that are forced to learn at home” said Brewster Kahle, digital librarian of the Internet Archive. UPDATE: The Internet Archive has responded to criticism of the launch of the National Emergency Library.
  • Free Access to Duke University Press Content. In response to the pandemic, Duke University Press is offering free online access to books and articles on infectious disease and on Care in Uncertain Times. Books are free until June 1 and articles are free through October 1 and can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • CCCADI Offers Online Guide. Located on East 125th Street, the Carribean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) has halted its public programming, but posted a page of online resources for the public. “We are in the process of reshaping and rethinking program services moving forward and would love to hear from you as to what you would like to see from us.”
  • DC Bookstore Launches Virtual Book Clubs. In response to the pandemic, Lost City Books, a bookstore in Northwest Washington D.C., is launching a series of virtual book clubs that will launch on March 31 with a discussion of Jenny Offill’s Weather, hosted on the Zoom platform. The other books set to be clubbed are Frank Herbert’s Dune and David K. Randall’s Black Death at the Golden Gate.
  • Web Exclusive John Connelly Novella. In an effort to offer his fans a new book while they shelter in place, bestselling crime novelist John Connelly (The Dirty South) will write The Sisters Strange, a web exclusive new novella, starring his popular private eye Charlie Parker, in a series of posts live every day on his website beginning April 2 throughout the month.
  • Online Classes in the Book Arts. The Center for Book Arts is launching a series of online classes on the bookmaking arts that will include making botanical books, zines, artist books, and chapbooks. The classes start April 6 and are free but the CBA urges those interested to donate what you wish in order to pay the instructors and cover class expenses.
  • Free Delivery for Online Book Buys. Interlink Publishing, which publishes works of literature, history, politics, and global culture for adults and children, is offering free delivery for any books purchased online in response to the need for social distancing during the pandemic.
  • IPG Support For Publishers, Retailers, Readers. Independent Publishers Group, a global book distribution vendor, is presenting an array of offers that include a 30% discount to consumers on its publisher’s titles, and a 30% discount for public and school libraries (via OverDrive), as well as other offers for various POD services.

March 26

  • Special Digital Collection for Libraries. In response to the pandemic, Hoopla Digital, a media streaming platform for e-books, movies, comics and music serving the library market, is launching Bonus Borrows, a specially curated collection of 1,100 popular titles in a variety of media, available to library patrons for unlimited borrowing that will not impact their monthly limits. The collection is free to libraries, with Hoopla absorbing the cost of the borrows.
  • OverDrive, Harper Offers No Cost, Low Cost Books. HarperCollins has added 1,100 e-book titles to library digital vendor OverDrive’s no cost, low cost, digital book collections offered to the library market in response to the pandemic.

March 25

  • Abrams, BINC Debut #HelpaBookSeller Benefit. Abrams is partnering with the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC), a nonprofit focused on booksellers in need, to launch #helpabookseller, a new fundraising challenge to raise $100,000 to support booksellers in need due to the pandemic. Abrams president and CEO Michael Jacobs pledged Abrams will donate at least half that amount and said such bestselling Abrams authors as Jeff Kinney, Gaby Dalkin, and Laura Prepon will join the campaign to spread word about the benefit.
  • MIT Press Offers Free Virtual Book Talks. The MIT Press is launching MIT Press Live, a series of online events featuring leading researchers discussing a variety of topics, among them critical thinking, social justice, hashtag activism, and even the search for extraterrestials. The series will launch on March 31.
  • Open Access to Covid-19 Research and More. Academic publishing house World Scientific is offering free access to all of its journal content (including unlimited access to all content on Coronavirus) from 2001 until June 30,2020 to authors, library patrons, and ProQuest and EBSCO customers.
  • Free Access to Super Cool Radical Webcomics. Radical indie San Francisco publishing house Silver Sprocket is offering free access to hundreds of webcomics, including works by such artists as Ben Passmore (Your Black Friend), Benji Nate (Catboy), and Ivy Atoms (Pinky and Pepper Forever). Publisher Avi Ehrlich says the series will kickoff today with access to Big Punk by Janelle Hessig.
  • Socialist Video Series Addresses Current Events. Socialist magazine Jacobin is launching a series of video talks focused on political education that will feature such authors as Mike Davis on the political implications of the pandemic (March 26), Nicole Aschoff on past corporate bailouts (March 27), and Ronan Burtenshaw on the history of Britain’s National Health Service (March 28).
  • Read Eurocomics for Free #StayHomeReadComics. Europe Comics, a foreign rights and online retail coalition of 13 European comics publishers, is offering access to excerpts from a wide ranging selection of online European comics in English and providing listings of European comics on every possible topic (disability, nature, romance and more) that are available for purchase.
  • DC Comics Activities for Kids At Home. DC has launched DC Kids Camp, a new program to entertain kids at home that allows parents to go to DC’s social media channels on Twitter and Instagram and download previews of comics, kid-friendly, superhero themed activities, and videos based on DC characters. Artists such as Agnes Garbowska (DC Super Hero Girls), Gene Luen Yang (Superman Smashes the Klan), and Minh Lê (Green Lantern: Legacy) offer how-to and draw-along videos to help kids make their own comics.
  • Free Access to PaperCutz Graphic Novels for Kids. In response to the pandemic, Kids’s graphic novel publisher PaperCutz is offering free downloads of the e-book version of four of its popular graphic novel series, Geeky Fab Five, Dinosaur Explorers, Chloe, and The Smurfs!

March 23

  • IDW Supports Comics Shops. In light of Diamond Comics Distributors decision to cease delivery of new weekly comics, IDW is offering retailers 60-day no fee returnable terms, suspension of May releases, and reducing its overall publishing line for series scheduled through July.
  • Licensing Expanded Use for Remote Learning Content. In response to the need to quickly implement remote learning during the pandemic, the Copy Clearance Center has posted an Education Continuity License that will allow schools, educators and parents to make additional use of previously lawfully acquired materials.

March 22

  • Free Webinar on Fighting Covid-19 Misinformation. The EveryLibrary Institute, a nonprofit focused on public and school libraries, has produced a webinar with Sarah Brandt of NewsGuard, and Christopher Harris of the Genesee Valley School System, offering info on websites offering useful information on the virus and those known for publishing misinformation. The webinar is free and a donation is requested.
  • Open Access to Research On Covid-19. Taylor and Francis has launched a new webpage that provides free access to coronavirus research that is updated in real-time. The site offers researchers, public health authorities, and the general public, information on containment and treatment, as well as serving to combat disinformation and misinformation about the virus.

March 21

March 20

  • Grant Support for Bookstores, Comic Shops. In response to the new coronavirus pandemic, BINC and the ForgeFund, a charitable fund focused on comic booksellers, are teaming to provide grants to bookstores and comic booksellers.
  • #BooksConnectUs. Penguin Random House USA CEO Madeleine MacIntosh announced the launch of #BooksconnectUs, a social media “initiative where readers can come together online and share their love of books.”
  • Free access to ALA’s Booklist Online. The American Library Association is providing free access to its online book review magazine until further notice.
  • Free Access to Cengage Digital Ed Content. Educational platform Cengage is offering free access to e-Textbooks and other digital content for K-12 and higher ed from its subsidiary companies, including National Geographic Learning, Gale and ELT content.
  • Free Access to Digital Comics. Comixology Unlimited, Amazon’s digital comics subscription service, which offers online access to 25,000 digital comics, graphic novels and manga, is extending its free trial period from 30 days to 60 days for an indefinite period.
  • Free Access to 92nd Street Y Digital Archives. The 92nd St. Y is offering free access to its storied archive of 145 years of literary, musical, science, Jewish, and other popular content and performances as the city responds to the pandemic.
  • Free Access to UC Academic Journals. In recognition of the pandemic and the need for remote learning, the University of California Press is offering free access to all of online journals until June 2020.
  • Information On Infectious Disease. The Great Courses online platform is offering free access to their courses on infectious diseases and a video on the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Free literary e-books from Archipelago Books. In response to the pandemic, the publisher is offering free downloads of 30 e-books from March 19 until April 2. Click “purchase” on the book to get the free download.
  • Stay at Home Comic Con. In response to the pandemic and the cancellations of pop culture conventions, a group of Dutch artists have organized the Stay Home Comic Con, an online convention that will be held March 28-29.
  • Unf*ck Your Pandemic. Microcosm Publishing is offering a manifesto/resource page on community and survival as well as a combination of free and discounted titles for consumers and retailers in response to the pandemic.
  • Supports Your Local Bookstore. The audiobook publisher offers customer's the option for their payment to be passed along to their local bookstore.
  • Supporting Bookstores. Gibbs Smith is offering net 60 terms effective immediately on all orders received through Friday, April 17, 2020.
  • Covid-19 Artist Resources. Bomb magazine has created a page of resources for writers, artists, musicians, and performers.
  • Kids Stuff from HarperCollins. The publisher has created a page offering permissions for public readings, YouTube content, EpicReads events and more from HarperKids.

March 19 and Prior

  • Verso Books Offers Free and Discount Lefty Books. Verso Book’s Reading In a Time of Self-Isolation initiative is an 80% discount on all of its e-books and 40% off all its print books for the next two weeks. Verso also offers free downloads on five e-books.
  • Free Zoey and Sassafras E-Book. The Innovation Press is offering the first book in its Zoey and Sassafras chapter book series as a free download (or free Kindle) for the duration of the school/library closures.
  • House of Anansi’s Reading Apart, Together. Canadian publisher House of Anansi has launched a new initiative called Reading Apart, Together: when a reader buys a House of Anansi e-book, after checkout they will be invited to submit the name of a friend and the publisher will send them a free copy of the same book.
  • OpenStax Offers Free Access to Digital Textbooks. Rice University-based open education textbook publisher OpenStax is offering free access to 38 free digital textbooks and 28 of its online homework providers through the end of the term.
  • Free Access to Loeb Classical Library. Harvard University Press and the Trustees of the Loeb Classical Library announced that subscriptions to the Loeb Classical Library will be free to schools and universities impacted by Covid-19 until June 30, 2020.
  • Image Comics Offers Help to Comics Retailers. Image Comics is offering direct market retailers full returnability on all of its comics from March 16 until the end of the month and also offers other types of support to retailers.
  • Seven Stories Press Offers Free e-Books. Each Sunday SSP will solicit suggestions from its Twitter (@7StoriesPress) followers for a book to read for its newly launched Self-Isolation Book Club. SSP will then offer four options to vote on and on Monday the winning book will be released as a free e-book download for 24 hours.
  • Schiffer Publishing Offers Free Freight. 10 plus units equal 50% and net 60, all orders ship free freight from March 16, 2020 through April 30, 2020, valid for all titles published prior to April 30, 2020. Promo Code: Schiff20.
  • Workman Offers Stores Flexible Payment Options. Due to the high demand on books about the current crisis, Workman offers an additional discount, free freight, 120 day dating, and no minimum on the entire Workman Backlist.
  • Haymarket Press Offers Free E-books. The left-wing Chicago press is offering free e-books to those in need of diversion, who also want to educate themselves on "collective liberation" from the status quo.
  • to Give Even More to Stores: The online bookseller has boosted its revenue sharing model for indie bookstores affected by the coronavirus to 30% of cover price.
  • Canada's Publishers Offer Discounts: Publishers in Canada are hosting special offers and discounts as Canadians isolate.
  • ABA Donates $100K to BINC, Offers Strong Support: American Booksellers Association CEO Allison Hill said the organization had donated $100,000 to BINC. In addition, it is reducing membership fees, paying out for e-commerce faster, and running a daily open forum for members.
  • New Jersey Store Starts Deliveries: Inkwood Books in New Jersey is offering door-to-door deliveries to local customers.
  • L.A. Area Bookstore Discounts Shipping: Vroman's Bookstore is offering $0.99 shipping throughout Los Angeles County.
  • Hachette Offers Indies Discount for Deliveries: Hachette is offering independent booksellers a 5% discount off of MSRP for any title that is sold and delivered to customers in their local community by staff or courier.
  • B&NE Offers Free Services to Students: Students are being given access to e-textbooks at campuses that have closed due to the new coronavirus, as well as free self-tutoring and writing services.
  • Chronicle Books Offering Extra Discount to Indies: Chronicle is giving indie retailers an extra 5% discount and 90-day dating on its standard 10 unit minimum for bookstores.
  • Hopkins Press Grants Free Access to Journals, E-books: Johns Hopkins University press will make 1,400 books and 97 journals accessible for free for the remainder of the spring semester to both students and the general public via the Project MUSE platform—the latest in a number of university presses making similar arrangements.