Paraclete Press, the publishing outreach of the Community of Jesus in Orleans, Mass., has announced the establishment of a new center in Italy and a related publishing imprint. The new Mount Tabor Centre for Art and Spirituality in Barga, Italy, will focus on liturgical art and worship, and a new imprint, Mount Tabor Books, will publish titles about liturgical worship, art and art history, ecumenism, and the first millennium church. The first list will publish in late 2014 and will carry a dual geographical notice of Brewster, Mass., home of the press, and Barga, Italy.

Underscoring its commitment to the arts, Paraclete will also expand its poetry line from two books a year to four or five, in a series to be named Paraclete Poetry. Paraclete has also promoted to the role of publisher its editor-in-chief Jon Sweeney, who has been with the press since 2004. Sweeney is the author of more than a dozen books.

The initiatives help mark the press's 30th year in book publishing.