This article is part of an ongoing series about PWedu’s Christian Publishing Summit, an online guest speaker program and workshop about the intersection of faith-based publishing and innovation, presented by PW. The online event and workshop starts on Wednesday, Oct. 30 and runs weekly through Nov. 20.

PWedu, which offers online courses presented by PW, is sharing learning tools with people in the Christian publishing industry (and those who want to break in) through its first-ever Christian Publishing Summit from Oct. 30 to Nov. 20. The four-week program will cover topics that are changing how books are written, acquired, and sold as we look at the ways faith-based publishing continues to generate revenue, how it can reach mainstream markets, what books helped move the needle in recent years, and how these books are not only selling well but serving readers. Hear from company leaders who are creating new narratives around book coverage and fostering diverse authors, subjects, and stories.

Sessions include A Search for Meaning in which we will hear from a keynote speaker on the business behind big books; Grooming Christian Authors for Crossover Success; Lessons from a Faith-Based Publicist; Discoverability: Retail Strategies in a Time of Transition for Christian Publishing; A Marketer’s Lesson on How to Serve Diverse Audiences; and Lessons from Literary Agents in the Christian Sphere for a total of eight sessions.

PWedu’s Christian Publishing Summit features live lectures (with recordings available immediately after the session), followed by virtual workshop sessions with one-on-one feedback on your projects. While in a live session, you can raise questions and participate in peer discussions through an online chat feature. The courses, which explore each topic from multiple angles, offer valuable insight that can be applied to any business or career plan. Participants also have access to an online classroom that provides an interactive space to workshop your marketing copy or publicity plans and ask questions, start discussions, and network.

For more information on PWedu’s Christian Publishing Summit, including how to register, click here.