This article is part of an ongoing series about PWedu’s Christian Publishing Summit, an online guest speaker program and workshop about the intersection of faith-based publishing and innovation, presented by PW. The online event and workshop starts on Wednesday, Oct. 30 and runs weekly through Nov. 20.

The Christian publishing industry has seen a tremendous amount of change and innovation in recent years. As one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry, revenue for religious presses continues to increase. Who better to reflect on the dynamic category than David Moberg, a trusted industry veteran with over four decades of experience? As the current group publisher for HarperCollins Christian Publishing, including its Zondervan and Thomas Nelson subsidiaries, Moberg is giving the keynote address during PWedu’s Christian Publishing Summit—an online course and guest speaker series taking place from Oct. 30 to Nov. 20.

Moberg, who first started working in publishing at Eerdmans in 1975, will draw on his expertise in marketing and leadership roles during PWedu’s A Search for Meaning session. Participants will learn about Moberg’s crucial role in merging two of the biggest Christian publishers—Thomas Nelson and Zondervan—together under the HarperCollins Christian Publishing umbrella, and how he helped pave the way for what is now among the largest publishers of Christian books and Bibles in the world.

PWedu’s Christian Publishing Summit, which will share learning tools with people in the Christian publishing industry and those who want to break in, is also gathering seven other pioneering industry leaders including editors, authors, and social media strategists. The multi-week guest speaker program and workshop series is geared toward book professionals, retailers, writers, and readers, and each session will reveal tips and best practices for your own book publishing efforts as we cover a broad range of topics. Additional sessions in the Christian Publishing Summit include Lessons from a Faith-Based Publicist; Discoverability: Retail Strategies in a Time of Transition for Christian Publishing; A Marketer’s Lesson on How to Serve Diverse Audiences; and Lessons from Literary Agents in the Christian Sphere. Recordings will be available immediately after each session, which will also be followed by virtual workshop sessions with one-on-one feedback on your projects.

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