Find a praise of polytheism, the last writings of the late bestselling self-help author Hugh Prather, Mary Magdalene’s cultural influence, and more books releasing in January from religion and spirituality publishers.


Jan. 3

Transcendent: Art and Dharma in a Time of Collapse by Curtis White (Melville House, $17.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-61219-994-8) criticizes the Western strains of Buddhism that lean toward the corporate and scientific realms and argues that the faith movement should retain its focus on the intangible and transcendent.

Jan. 10

Ecology, Liturgy, and the Sacrament by Kevin Irwin (Paulist, 39.95, 9780809155194) is based on Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si (On Care for Our Common Home) and extols Christians to respect and care for all creatures on earth.

Gently Down this Dream: Notes on My Sudden Departure by Hugh and Gayle Prather (NWL, $17.95, ISBN 978-1608688418). Hugh, author of the bestselling self-help book Notes to Myself, combines counseling work with poetry, essays, and aphorisms that were completed the day before his death.

Jan. 17

Fit God’s Way: Your Bible-Based Guide to Food, Fitness, and Wholeness by Kim Dolan Leto (Salem, $17.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-68451-264-5) lays out scripturally influenced tips and strategies aimed at helping Christian women get fit and gain confidence.

Worth It and Wonderful: Inspiration for Christian Women to Live Bravely and Boldly by Caitlyn Scaggs (Church Publishing, $27.95, 978-1640656024) addresses readers who are looking for fulfillment with tips for finding “balance between seemingly opposing forces,” such as being both broken and whole, according to the publisher.

Parenting: Getting it Right by Andy and Sandra Stanley (Zondervan, $27.99, 978-0310366270) by the founder of the Atlanta-based North Point Ministries churches and his wife identifies four stages of parenting and how to work toward goals that are built around the distinct personalities of each child.

The Book of Common Courage: Prayers and Poems to Find Strength in Small Moments by K.J. Ramsey, (Zondervan, $19.99, ISBN 9780310461333), a therapist, features prayers, poems, and blessings for “the small and hard moments of life,” according to the publisher.

Jan. 24

Orphaned Believers: How a Generation of Christian Exiles Can Find the Way Home by Sara Billups (Baker, $17.99, ‎ 978-1540902436), a cultural commentator who has written for the New York Times and Christianity Today, recalls growing up as an evangelical among the culture wars and points to “a new way to participate in the story of God,” according to the publisher.

Jan. 31

Mary Magdalene: A Cultural History by Philip C. Almond (Cambridge, $39.99, ISBN 978-1-009-22169-6) dives into the literature around the saint to examine how her legacy has morphed throughout history.

Stumbling Toward Eternity: Losing and Finding Ourselves in the Cross of Jesus by Josh White (Multnomah, $17 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-593-19393-8). Musician White considers what the symbol of the cross can teach contemporary Christians about leading a fulfilling life.

In Praise of Polytheism by Maurizio Bettini, translated by Douglas Grant Heise (Univ. of Calif., $24.95, ISBN 978-0-520-34224-8). Classicist Bettini argues that polytheistic religions bear important lessons for modern monotheists about inclusivity, pluralism, and diversity.

Waco Rising by Kevin Cook (Henry Holt, $28.99, ISBN 978-1250840523) describes the war between David Koresh’s Branch Davidians and the FBI, and how their 1993 standoff launched today’s militias, according to the publisher.

Chasing the Devil at Foggy Bottom: The Future of Religion in American Diplomacy by Shaun A. Casey (Eerdmans, $30, ISBN 978-0802881700), who served as the special representative for religion and global affairs at the U.S. Department of State and founding director of the office of religion and global affairs, reflects on his work under Secretary of State John Kerry and argues for the importance of policy makers to firmly understand global religion.


Jan. 1

What I Would Tell You by Liz Tolsma (Barbour, 15.99, ISBN 978-1636094595). Based in part on a true story, a DNA test changed everything for college student Riley Payson as the search for her ancestry sends her to Greece and deep into a story of a courageous great-grandmother trapped in the horrors of WWII.

Jan. 17

Everything is Just Beginning by Erin Bartels (Revell, $17.99, 9780800741655) follows lyricist and guitar player Michael Sullivan who impersonates his uncle at a swanky New Year's Eve party and meets an accomplished and enigmatic young heir to a fading musical dynasty, forever altering both of their futures.

Her Heart’s Desire by Shelley Shepard Gray (Revell, $16.99, 9780800741679). Leaving her small Amish community, Mary Margaret Miller heads to Pinecraft, Fl. where she meets new friends as well as a handsome carpenter, but secrets from the past threaten to ruin the perfect vacation.

Jan. 31

Dear Henry, Love Edith by Becca Kinzer (Tyndale, $15.99, ISBN 9781496466082). Recently widowed Edith Sherman wants to forget love and marriage and seek adventure when she accepts a nursing position in a small Midwestern town, but an unexpected encounter changes everything.