Hachette's Center Street imprint has signed Rand Paul's The Tea Party Goes to Washington. The Kentucky senator-elect, and controversial Tea Party-er, is planning to crash the book so it will be published in February 2011, to drop just as his first term in office starts. (The deal, coincidentally, is keeping the publishing business within the family; Rand's father, Ron, has published two books with Hachette's Grand Central imprint, 2009's The Manifesto and 2010's End the Fed.)

Hachette bought world rights to The Tea Party Goes to Washington and the book, according to Center Street, looks to establish the Tea Party's platform to "bring the U.S. government more in line with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to stop spending money the country doesn’t have, to stop borrowing, to balance the budget and reduce the size of the government."

Center Street senior editor Kate Hartson brokered the deal with Paul's campaign manager.