PW's May 25 LGBTQ feature kicks off a monthlong look—in print, online, and elsewhere—at various corners of LGBTQ publishing. We've already looked at a number of issues, including:

And there's plenty more to come.

Our June 8 feature package zeroes in on LGBTQ romance, and the following week, in our June 15 ALA Preview, we’ll tell you about what the ALA is doing for GLBT Book Month, the first under its auspices. Originally established in the early 1990s by the Publishing Triangle as National Lesbian and Gay Book Month, the occasion celebrates the best in LGBTQ literature.

Also in June, the PW Comics World newsletter will showcase LGBTQ comics and manga. In print, we’ll feature photos from the June 1 Lambda Literary Awards ceremony.

And over in the Twitterverse, beginning June 1, join us to #QueerABook and parody titles of well-known books that could use a little rainbow glitter. We hope the game will encourage people to think about how much space there is in the literary canon, and in publishing today, for queer and trans stories. Watch for kickoff tweets from @PublishersWkly, and share yours! We'll collect and post our favorites.