The U.S. military continues to face multiple threats—from disinformation and cyberattacks to biological weapons and terrorist strikes. PW spoke with publishers about forthcoming titles that outline defense mechanisms, make the case for where the U.S. is prepared and where it’s lacking, and profile the new professional class of soldiers that has swelled within the volunteer ranks. New books also address the challenges faced by veterans and their families.

Other titles focus on pivotal moments from the Crusades through the Cold War, shine a light on spies and special ops, commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and challenge conventional beliefs about wars throughout history. In this feature package, we highlight titles that examine the roots and realities of contemporary warfare.

Modern Warfare and its Costs

Veterans, journalists, and historians survey contemporary battlegrounds.

Conscientious Fighter: PW Talks with Erik Edstrom

Edstrom, a West Point graduate and Afghanistan War veteran, reflects on his time as a soldier in Un-American (Bloomsbury, Oct.), a treatise against what he sees as blind patriotism and war for war’s sake.

The Liberation of Auschwitz at 75

Forthcoming books preserve firsthand accounts of Nazi concentration camps.

A Contrarian View

These titles challenge prevailing wisdom and hardened consensus to consider the necessities, mistakes, and tragedies of war.

Turning Points

These books examine history-making confrontations that span seven centuries.

Spies and Special Ops

Books about undercover agents, the French Foreign Legion, the U.S. Army Rangers, and other elite fighters take readers behind enemy lines.