Former FBI director James Comey makes his fiction debut with a legal/political thriller, while veteran Martin Cruz Smith sends Russian detective Arkady Renko on a mission to Ukraine just before the 2022 Russian invasion.

Top 10

All the Sinners Bleed

S.A. Cosby. Flatiron, June 6 ($27.99, ISBN 978-1-250-831-0)

Titus Crowne, the first Black sheriff in a small Southern town, investigates the shooting of a school teacher by a former student.

Beware the Woman

Megan Abbott. Putnam, June 6 ($27, ISBN 978-0-593-08493-9)

Jacy and her new husband, Jed, visit Jed’s physician father in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where Jacy starts to feel unwell.

Black Wolf

Kathleen Kent. Mulholland, Feb. 14 ($29, ISBN 978-0-316-28021-1)

In 1990, CIA agent Melvina Donleavy, who has extraordinary facial recognition powers, travels to Belarus to prevent the flow of nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union to the Middle East.

Central Park West

James Comey. Mysterious Press, May 10 ($28.95, ISBN 978-1-61316-403-7)

In New York City, federal prosecutor Nora Carleton is looking to put a powerful mobster away for good, but the assassination of a disgraced former New York governor complicates the case.

Independence Square

Martin Cruz Smith. Simon & Schuster, May 9 ($27.99, ISBN 978-1-98218-830-6)

Russian detective Arkady Renko goes to Ukraine shortly before the Russian invasion in 2022 in search of an anti-Putin activist who has disappeared.

Murder Under a Red Moon: A 1920s Bangalore Mystery

Harini Nagendra. Pegasus Crime, Mar. 30 ($26.95, ISBN 978-1-63936-370-4)

In Bangalore, India, under the British raj, amateur sleuth Kaveri Murthy agrees to investigate a minor crime for her domineering mother-in-law, but she discovers a murder instead.

Red Queen

Juan Gómez-Jurado. Minotaur, Mar. 14 ($27.99, ISBN 978-1-250-85367-7)

Police officer Jon Gutierrez in Bilbao, Spain, persuades Antonia Scott, who has a gifted forensic mind, to come out of her self-imposed retirement and help him solve a ritualistic murder.

Remain Silent

Robyn Gigl. Kensington, May 23 ($27, ISBN 978-1-4967-4176-9)

Transgender New Jersey lawyer Erin McCabe stands accused of murdering a client—a financial adviser who during their only consultation admitted he was secretly transgender.

Sing Her Down

Ivy Pochoda. MCD, June 6 ($28, ISBN 978-0-374-60848-4)

Diosmary Sandoval’s fixation on Florence Florida Baum, a fellow ex-con from an Arizona women’s prison, turns dangerous as they head for Los Angeles.

Small Mercies

Dennis Lehane. Harper, Apr. 25 ($28.99, ISBN 978-0-06-212948-2)

In summer 1974, a teenage girl goes missing from her home in Boston’s largely Irish Southie neighborhood. That same evening, a young Black man is found dead nearby after being struck by a subway train under mysterious circumstances. The two events seem unconnected, but are they?

Mysteries & Thrillers Listings


The Khan by Saima Mir (June 27, $27.99, ISBN 978-1-957957-20-3). London lawyer Jia Khan must take the place of her murdered father, who was the leader of an organized crime syndicate, after a power struggle breaks out among warring communities.


Austin Noir, edited by Hopeton Hay, Scott Montgomery, and Molly Odintz (May 2, $16.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-63614-089-6). The contributors to this anthology, including Gabino Iglesias, Ace Atkins, and Jeff Abbott, offer a kaleidoscopic view of Austin, Tex.—in their different social, economic, and cultural perspectives.


The Nightingale Affair by Tim Mason (May 9, $28, ISBN 978-1-64375-039-2). During the Crimean War, someone is stalking Florence Nightingale and her nurses in a British military hospital in Turkey. The real-life Insp. Charles Field comes from England to seek the killer.


The Overnights: An Ashe Cayne Mystery by Ian K. Smith (June 6, $27.99, ISBN 978-0-06-325371-1). Chicago PI Ashe Cayne must protect a high-profile news anchor, Morgan Hall, who’s afraid someone is trying to kill her, and solve the murder of an unarmed Black teen.

Arcade Crimewise

Philanthropists: Inspector Mislan and the Executioners by Rozlan Mohd Noor (Mar. 7, $26.99, ISBN 978-1-956763-35-5). Insp. Mislan Latif of Kuala Lumpur’s Special Investigation Unit and his team investigate the murder of two men shot execution style in a house containing more than a kilo of drugs. The police find no identifying documents, wallets, or phones in the building.

Atlantic Monthly Press

Flags on the Bayou by James Lee Burke (July 11, $28, ISBN 978-0-8021-6169-7). In 1863 Louisiana, the paths of Wade Lufkin, a wounded soldier who has left the Confederate army, and Hannah, an enslaved woman on the run from the law who’s searching for her lost son, converge at an encampment of 900 Confederate irregulars.


The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz (Feb. 21, $27, ISBN 978-1-982199-45-6). Aspiring novelist Alex seizes the chance to attend an exclusive, month-long writing retreat at the estate of feminist horror writer Roza Vallo, but Alex realizes something sinister is afoot after another attendee disappears during a snowstorm.


A Most Intriguing Lady by Sarah Ferguson (Mar. 7, $28.99, ISBN 978-0-06-321682-2). In Victorian England, Lady Mary Montagu Douglas Scott, a duke’s daughter, joins forces with Col. Walter Trefusis, a war veteran who secretly works in the British intelligence service, to solve a series of audacious crimes.


The Ferryman by Justin Cronin (May 2, $30, ISBN 978-0-525-61947-5). Residents of a hidden island paradise travel by ferry to another island to get their bodies renewed after they start to fail. The ferryman notices something is wrong.


Nonna Maria and the Case of the Stolen Necklace by Lorenzo Carcaterra (May 2, $27, ISBN 978-0-593-49918-4). On the Italian island of Ischia, amateur sleuth Nonna Maria looks into two crimes: the theft of a wealthy woman’s valuable necklace from her hotel room, and the murder of an unknown woman with no purse or identification.


A Sinister Revenge by Deanna Raybourn (Mar. 7, $27, ISBN 978-0-593-54592-8). In 1880s England, Veronica Speedwell must try to stop a killer who’s targeting a group of old friends known as the Seven Sinners, two of whom have already been murdered, at a reunion party of the survivors.


Bloody Martini: A Felonious Monk Mystery by William Kotzwinkle (Feb. 14, $26.99, ISBN 978-1-0940-0926-1). Tommy Martini, a Benedictine monk with anger management issues, returns to Coalville, his childhood home, where the old mines are burning, a girl he once loved has gone missing, and his childhood best friend has been murdered.


The Horoscope Writer by Ash Bishop (July 18, $27.99, ISBN 978-0-7443-0929-4). On Bobby Frindley’s first night on the job as a dying newspaper’s horoscope writer, he receives an email with 12 gruesome horoscopes, along with an ultimatum: print them and one will come true, or ignore them and all of them will.


The Angel Maker by Alex North (Feb. 28, $28.99, ISBN 978-1-250-75786-9). Years after a stranger savagely attacked teenager Chris Shaw, his older sister, Katie Shaw, unable to live down the guilt surrounding what happened to Chris, gets a phone call: Chris has gone missing.


The Viper by John Verdon (July 18, $26, ISBN 978-1-64009-585-4). Retired NYPD detective Dave Gurney, at his wife’s insistence, comes out of retirement to reexamine the case of tennis bad boy Zeke Slade, who’s serving 20 years to life for a small-time criminal’s murder.

Crooked Lane

A Botanist’s Guide to Flowers and Fatality by Kate Khavari (June 6, $27.99, ISBN 978-1-63910-278-5). In 1920s England, Detective Inspector Green needs Saffron Everleigh, a botany student at the University College of London, to assist him in solving a series of murders in which the victims, all women, received bouquets filled with poisonous flowers.


Death of a Dancing Queen by Kimberly Giarratano (Feb. 14, $17.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-915202-42-0). Billie Levine, who has revamped her grandfather’s PI firm and set up shop at her favorite North Jersey deli, takes on a missing person’s case that turns into a murder investigation.


Wreck Bay: An Amanda Doucette Mystery by Barbara Fradkin (Feb. 21, $17.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-4597-4387-8). Amanda Doucette tries to discover the connection between a reclusive artist and a surfer whose body washes up on a beach at a remote island on Vancouver Island’s Pacific coast.


The Only One Left by Riley Sager (June 20, $28, ISBN 978-0-593-18322-9). In 1929, 17-year-old Lenora Hope was accused of murdering her parents and sister, but the police couldn’t prove her guilt. In 1983, a new home health aide, Kit McDeere, moves in with Lenora, who promises to tell Kit the truth.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton (Mar. 7, $28, ISBN 978-0-374-11033-8). Mira Bunting, the founder of a guerrilla gardening group that plants crops wherever no one will notice, is attracted to an abandoned farm, which Robert Lemoine, an enigmatic American billionaire, has bought to build his end-times bunker on. Can they make a deal for Mira to work the land?


Fire with Fire by Candice Fox (May 9, $28.99, ISBN 978-1-250-87596-9). When Ryan and Elsie Delaney’s daughter, Tilly, disappears, the couple take the LAPD forensic lab hostage and issue an ultimatum: if the police don’t find Tilly, they will destroy all the evidence they can find to other cold cases.

Grand Central

I Will Find You by Harlan Coben (Mar. 14, $30, ISBN 978-1-5387-4836-7). Five years after David Burroughs was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his son, the sister of David’s ex-wife comes across a photo that indicates the son is still alive. David determines to break out of prison to save his son and discover the truth.

Graydon House

The Vanishing Hour by Seraphina Nova Glass (May 30, $16.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-5258-1958-2). Grace Holloway, a kidnapping survivor who runs a small inn in Maine and keeps to herself, comes out of her shell to help two people, each of whom has a close relative who has gone missing.

Hanover Square

The Lock-Up by John Banville (May 23, $26.99, ISBN 978-1-335-44963-4). In 1950s Dublin, Dr. Quirke, a pathologist, and Det Insp. St. John Strafford investigate the death of Rosa Jacobs, a history scholar, but it’s Rosa’s older sister, a journalist, who discovers an important lead.

Hard Case Crime

Mad Money by Max Allan Collins (Apr. 18, $13.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-78909-146-5). Nolan and Jon thought they had put their lives of crime behind them, until an adversary from their past threatens to kill Nolan’s kidnapped lover unless they pull off an insanely ambitious robbery.

Head of Zeus

Not the Ones Dead by Dana Stabenow (Apr. 13, $29.99, ISBN 978-1-80454-016-9). PI Kate Shugak is drawn into a case of political intrigue after a mid-air collision in the Alaskan wilderness between two small aircraft that left 10 people dead turns out to be no accident.


The Guest Room by Tasha Sylva (July 11, $28.99, ISBN 978-1-250-86395-9). Tess, grief-stricken over the mysterious disappearance of her sister, Rosie, decides to rent out Rosie’s old room to guests, but the habit she develops of snooping through their belongings leads her to the discovery of a salacious diary belonging to her newest lodger.


Killing Moon by Jo Nesbø, trans. by Sean Kinsella (May 30, $29, ISBN 978-0-593-53696-4). In Los Angeles, rogue Oslo police investigator Harry Hole has been helping an older film actor, Lucille, escape from the grips of a drug cartel to which she owes $1 million. When the drug cartel takes Lucille hostage, Harry puts together a team of misfits to rescue her.

Little, Brown

A Line in the Sand by Kevin Powers (May 16, $29, ISBN 978-0-316-50712-7). Arman Bajalan, formerly an interpreter in Iraq, has found sanctuary in the U.S., but after he discovers a dead body early one morning on a Norfolk, Va., beach, he knows he’s still not safe.


The Last Remains by Elly Griffiths (Apr. 25, $27.99, ISBN 978-0-358-72648-7). When builders in Norfolk, England, discover a human skeleton in a café wall during a renovation, Det. Chief Insp. Harry Nelson and forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway investigate.

Melville House

The Last Songbird by Daniel Weizmann (May 23, $17.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-68589-030-8). A struggling songwriter and Lyft driver, Adam Zantz becomes friends with 1970s music idol Annie Linden after giving her a ride in Malibu, Calif. When Annie disappears and her body washes up under a pier, Adam turns amateur detective, only to be charged as an accomplice after the fact.


Shadow of Death by Heather Graham (Apr. 18, $27.99, ISBN 978-0-7783-3349-4). Amy Larson, of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and her partner, FBI special agent Hunter Forrest, uncover a horror in caverns near the Arkansas River: a muddy pit littered with corpses. Their pursuit of a dangerous cult leads Amy and Hunter deep into the Florida Everglades.


The Kind Worth Saving by Peter Swanson (Mar. 7, $28.99, ISBN 978-0-06-320498-0). Joan needs PI Henry Kimball’s help in proving that her husband is cheating on her, but what should be a simple case of infidelity gets complicated when Henry finds two bodies in an uninhabited house with a “for sale” sign out front.


Go Find Daddy by Steve Goble (July 11, $27.95, ISBN 978-1-60809-447-9). After a cop is murdered in rural Ohio on Donny Blackmon’s property, Donny, a known cop hater, flees. PI Ed Runyon, after learning Donny’s daughter has just been diagnosed with cancer, knows he has to find Donny before the police do.

Park Row

Marion Lane and the Raven’s Revenge by T.A. Willberg (June 6, $17.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-7783-3419-4). In 1960 London, Marion Lane, an apprentice detective at Miss Brickett’s Investigations & Inquiries, gets involved after a dangerous gang leader targets her friend and fellow detective Bill’s new girlfriend, Darcy.

Penguin Books

Suddenly by Isabelle Autissier, trans. by Gretchen Schmid (June 6, $17 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-14-313742-9). A young couple from Paris sail alone around the tip of Cape Horn and get shipwrecked on a deserted island in the Antarctic Ocean. Can they trust each other with their lives?

poisoned pen

Death and Croissants by Ian Moore (Mar. 14, $16.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-7282-7055-5). In rural France, Richard Ainsworth, an almost divorced part-time B&B owner, unwittingly becomes involved in the investigation of a bloody handprint and the disappearance of one of his guests.


The Housemate by Sarah Bailey (Feb. 28, $27.99, ISBN 978-1-951709-96-9). Troubled reporter Olive Groves teams up with precocious millennial podcaster Cooper Ng to investigate a famous case of three housemates: one was found dead, one went missing, and the third was accused of murder.

Random House

A Most Agreeable Murder by Julia Seales (June 27, $27, ISBN 978-0-593-44998-1). In the etiquette-conscious English township of Swampshire, Beatrice Steele is secretly obsessed with the true crime cases she reads about in the newspaper. When, at the autumnal ball, eligible bachelor Edmund Croaksworth drops dead during a minuet, Beatrice must try to stop a killer before anyone else is murdered.


Ascension by Nicholas Binge (Apr. 25, $27, ISBN 978-0-593-53958-3). The sudden appearance of a snow-covered mountain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean prompts a shadowy organization to ask Harold Tunmore, a scientist of mysterious phenomena, to help investigate.


Death of a Bookseller by Alice Slater (Apr. 25, $26.95, ISBN 978-1-61316-377-1). True crime junkie Roach, who’s worked her entire adult life at a struggling bookstore, tries to befriend Laura, a charismatic children’s bookseller, but Laura, who has a traumatic family history, resists Roach’s overtures. Undeterred, Roach becomes dangerously obsessed with Laura.


The Sanctuary by Katrine Engberg, trans. by Tara Chace (Feb. 7, $28.95, ISBN 978-1-6680-0227-8). When a suitcase emitting a bad smell is found partially buried in a Copenhagen park, police detective Anette Werner discovers half a severed corpse inside. Before she can make much progress on the case, another suitcase turns up nearby, containing the rest of the body.


Cold People by Tom Rob Smith (Feb. 7, $28, ISBN 978-1-982198-40-4). The survivors of a global apocalypse have 30 days to reach the one place on Earth where they will be allowed to exist—Antarctica—and where they will face the challenge of evolving rapidly enough to ensure humanity’s future.


Sentenced to Death by Betty Hechtman (Feb. 7, $29.99, ISBN 978-0-7278-2300-7). Veronica Blackstone, a writer for hire, agrees to write the copy for the Friends of Hyde Park’s annual house and garden tour, but she’s soon caught up in a murder inquiry after famous author Landon Donte is found dead in his study during a dinner to promote the tour.

Soho Crime

Ozark Dogs by Eli Cranor (Apr. 4, $26.95, ISBN 978-1-64129-453-9). In a small Arkansas town, Vietnam War vet Jeremiah Fitzjurls takes over the care of his granddaughter, Joanna, after his son is convicted of murder, but can he protect her from the Ledfords, notorious meth dealers who come to collect on Joanna as payment for a long-overdue blood debt?


It Ends at Midnight by Harriet Tyce (Feb. 6, $27.99, ISBN 978-1-7282-6384-7). At a lavish New Year’s Eve party in Edinburgh, it’s time for old friends to celebrate, but as midnight approaches, it become clear that one of the guests is going to die.

St. Martin’s

Encore in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel by J.D. Robb (Feb. 7, $29.99, ISBN 978-1-250-28408-2). When Brant Fitzhugh, the celebrity host of an event full of A-list guests, falls to the floor and dies after giving a toast, with physical symptoms pointing to cyanide, homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates.

Thomas & Mercer

Chance by Matthew Fitzsimmons (Feb. 14, $28.99, ISBN 978-1-5420-0947-8). When Chance Harker was 16, he and his brother were murdered in a kidnapping gone wrong. Five years later, Chance has been revived as a clone—but he has to work fast to avoid being arrested for killing someone he’s never met.


Murder Before Evensong: A Canon Clement Mystery by the Rev. Richard Coles (June 13, $16.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-80336-482-7). In a quaint English village, the plan of Canon Daniel Clement to install a lavatory in church divides his parishioners, and long-buried secrets threaten to destroy the village’s outward calm.


The Late Mrs. Willoughby by Claudia Gray (June 6, $17 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-7352-4180-0). In this Jane Austen homage, Juliet Tilney, the niece of Catherine Tilney from Northanger Abbey, and Jonathan Darcy, the son of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice, team up to solve the murder of the wife of the rakish John Willoughby, from Sense and Sensibility.

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