PW & Aptara Trace eBooks’ Evolving Impact on the Publishing Industry

The 4th Annual eBook Production Survey Issued Today,
Tracking Publishers' Transition from Print to Digital


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New York , NY and Falls Church, VA – April 11, 2012 Publishers Weekly (PW) magazine and Aptara are pleased to announce availability of the 4th Annual eBook Production Survey, designed to document the evolving impact of digital media on traditional content publishing and production.

Since 2009, when the eBook market was just taking shape, publishers from around the globe have contributed to the annual survey. The result is ongoing behind-the-scenes insight into the real impact of eBooks on publishers’ operations. From production workflows and distribution channels, to business models and bottom lines, the survey has recorded the trends, challenges, and strategies resulting from publishers’ drive to meet readers’ demand for mobile content.

“The annual eBook Production Survey is an important tool for gauging how the industry is changing,” said Cevin Bryerman, publisher of Publishers Weekly. “We urge as many publishers as possible to participate and help document this unprecedented time in publishing history.”

“The intelligence gathered by the survey is an advantage to any publisher looking to capitalize on this market’s incredible potential,” said Dev Ganesan, president and CEO of Aptara. “It uncovers the reality of publishers’ transition from print to digital, including specifics on how eBooks are produced and which devices and sales channels are the most lucrative.”

All publishers are invited to contribute to the anonymous, multiple-choice survey. To be included, responses to the eBook Production Survey must be received by Monday, May 7, 2012.

Results and analysis from the 4th Annual eBook Production Survey will be released this summer. View the results and analysis from the 3nd Annual eBook Survey.

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