Industry Stocks: April Performances

Company March 30 April 30 % CHANGE
Winners 10.23 15.78 54.2%
Barnes & Noble 23.90 31.79 33.0
Courier Corp. 30.75 38.00 22.6
Pearson 17.55 21.25 21.1
Scholastic 36.06 41.74 15.7
Borders Group 16.83 18.60 10.5
John Wiley 18.90 18.65 -1.3
Houghton Mifflin 46.01 45.51 -1.1
Publishers Weekly
Stock Index 390.01 432.83 11.0%
Dow Jones Average 9,878.78 10,734.97 8.7%

April was a good month for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and an even better one for the Publishers Weekly Stock Index. The Dow rose 8.7% in April, while the PWSI had an 11% gain, with 17 of 22 companies that comprise the index posting an increase in their stock price in the month. The nation's largest e-retailer,, and the largest bookstore chain, Barnes & Noble, led the gainers, with Amazon's stock up 54.2% as the company, reported a better than expected first quarter, while B&N's stock price increased 22.6%. Borders Group hit its 52-week high as investors reacted favorably to the company's decision to abandon the e-retailing arena; whispers that Borders may once again place itself up for sale also may have helped to boost the stock price. A strong quarterly report resulted in Courier Corp.'s stock hitting its 52-week high at the end of the month. Even the losers in the month absorbed only small hits. In addition to Wiley and Houghton Mifflin, other companies whose stock fell in April were Educational Development Corp., Hastings and MediaBay, whose share price was 70 cents.

Source: Cahners Publishing