Joseph Esposito, publishing consultant and formerly CEO of Encyclopaedia Britannica, has been named acting president and CEO of computer book publisher the Coriolis Group LLC, a subsidiary of Haights Cross Communications, replacing Keith Weiskamp. Weiskamp, Coriolis's former president and CEO (and, with chief technology officer Jeff Duntemann, the company's cofounder), has left the company to pursue other interests. The search for a new chief executive is expected to be short, with Esposito serving as president in the interim; no other changes are expected in Coriolis's daily operations or personnel.

"We are pleased with the performance of Coriolis's industry-leading brands, and the company has shown significant growth in contrast to declining sales among its competitors and recent sluggish trends in the technical book publishing market," said Tim McEwen, Haights Cross executive vice-president and chief operating officer. "We are confident that this change in management will further enhance profitability and assist with future brand development in existing title categories and expansion into new educational market segments."