Rightscenter.com, an online rights marketplace, has revamped its services and pricing model. Originally launched as a logon-protected online site where the available rights to book properties could be posted securely along with proposals, manuscripts, excerpts, jacket copy and graphics, the site is now offering online catalogue-building, back office management and the new Film Rights Directory through its Rightscenter Enterprise services.

Daniel Raskin, product marketing manager at Rightscenter.com, told PW that publishers can now use Rightscenter.com to build online catalogues with a variety of information and graphics, customized not only for different parts of the market but for different departments within a publishing house. "Catalogues are costly," said Raskin, "and this is a way that publishers can save money." Online catalogue-building will also allow the site to offer publishers a more attractive pricing model. Rightscenter members can upload an unlimited amount of information to the site and pay a fee (about $250) only when the publisher activates the title for view by buyers. "Publishers approached us about a different fee structure that would be more predictable," said Rightscenter's Danielle Arceneaux. The new model allows publishers to activate titles in batches of 10, 25, 50 or more in online catalogues for a yearly fee; access to Rightscenter can be extended throughout the house. And when a publisher commits to at least 50 titles for a year, the fee includes listing the house's entire backlist. "Publishers can pay for the year in periodic payments," said Arceneaux, "and they can use Rightscenter for managing rights, for making catalogues, or whatever they need."

The Rightscenter Enterprise service also offers online tools to manage back-end services such as contracts, royalties, reprint payments and advances. Small publishers, said Raskin, can simply log on to Rightscenter to manage their day-to-day publishing information; larger publishers can have Rightscenter software installed on their own servers, if they choose, and manage title information in-house.

Rightscenter has also added its new Film Rights Directory to its offerings of online industry directories, which include the Global Rights Directory, Global Literary Marketplace and others. The FRD lists book properties and the rights available for sale. It is free to book publishers and available by subscription to film industry firms (studios, producers, etc.) based on company size.