This story has a lot of millions about it, which everyone seems to enjoy except those spending them. The title, for a start, is the catchy One Minute Millionaire (can no one ever have used that?); the proposal was bought, by Becky Cabaza and Linda Lowenthal of the Three Rivers imprint at Crown, for upward of a million dollars; and the authors, the proven duo of Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen ,have a marketing plan by which they undertake to sell a million copies of their book pre-pub (which is set for fall of next year). What publisher could resist an offer like that? West Coast agent Jillian Manus of Manus & Associates put it all together and sold the Crown pair world rights after a best-bid auction. It seems that Hansen, a co-author with Jack Canfield of the inimitable Chicken Soup titles, and Allen, author of the financial hit titles Nothing Down, Creating Wealth and the new Multiple Streams of Income, were friends from way back and resolved to do a book together. It's an offbeat notion, with Hansen offering, on the right-hand page, a fictional tale of a couple who hit rock bottom and then build themselves to the heights financially, and Allen, on the left, offering guidance, tips and advice along the way as to how the heroes did it and how you can, too. Manus brought the bestselling pair to see a dozen New York publishers, and as befits a Palo Alto gal, had a gimmick. In her purse were some chilled butterflies, brought all the way from home, and at the conclusion of each meeting she would open the purse, and out would fly the warmed creatures, to brighten publishers' hearts and inspire hopeful bids. Who says show business is dead? There are also plans, by the way, for a movie, to which the indefatigable authors aim to sell millions of tickets in advance.