Scriptwriters Jeremy Bloom and Jaq Greenspon (who also edited the now-defunct science fiction magazine Midnight Graffiti) have launched Frequency, a bimonthly anthology of science fiction short stories on CD. The series debuted at the 2000 World Science Fiction convention with a special edition featuring all five of that year's Hugo-nominated short stories. Another Hugo edition will begin production next month, after this year's nominees have been announced.

"Jaq and I have always loved science fiction, but both of us felt that something was lacking in the field today," Bloom said. "Back in the 1930s and 1940s, Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov came up through the pulp magazines, which had hundreds of thousands of subscribers. But people don't have time to read magazines any more. This is an entertaining, convenient way for people to hear classic and cutting-edge short fiction from the top names in the field."

The CDs are published every other month. The first volume was released in November 2000; Vol. 2 in January; and #3 in March. The series has featured a mixture of new, audio-only and classic stories by award-winning authors such as Mike Resnick, Stanley Schmidt and Cory Doctorow. The cover art has included works by Hugo winner Bob Eggleton and works from the private collection of Forrest J. Ackerman, noted SF writer, journalist and archivist. Among the series' narrators is Gil Gerard, star of TV's Buck Rogers. The collections can be ordered at