Category % Change June % Change YTD
(Measured in $ sales against same time periods, 2001)
Despite a rocky June, in which sales declined in five of the 11 segments tracked by the AAP, most publishing categories had a solid first six months of 2002, particularly the adult trade area. For the first half of 2002, sales in adult hardcover were up 32%, while trade paperback sales were ahead 20.1%. The children's segment also had a good six months, with hardcover sales up 20.6% and paperback sales rising 10.3%, despite a 33.6% drop in June sales. Sales in the mass market paperback segment were up 17.3% for the six-month period, and audio book sales were ahead 26.5%. College textbook sales were also up by double-digit amounts, 17.6%, for the first half of the year. The weakest segment has been university presses, which reported a 12.2% decline in hardcover sales, while paperback sales rose 5%. With fewer adoption opportunities this year, el-hi sales were expected to be soft in 2002, and sales were down 6.7% in the January-through-June period, with sales to adoption states off 14.2%.
Adult Hardcover 4.2 32.0
Adult Paperback -2.7 20.1
Juvenile Hardcover 7.4 20.6
Juvenile Paperback -33.6 10.3
Audio Books -6.5 26.5
Univ. Pr. Hardcover -22.0 -12.2
Univ. Pr. Paperback 0.0 5.0
Mass Market Paperback 10.7 17.3
Professional 2.7 4.8
College Texts 15.1 17.6
School Texts -10.8 -6.7