The Forge of Mars (Sept., $6.99) by Bruce Balfour. NASA's made a discovery on Mars—alien artifacts that have already killed a man.
Laws of the Blood #4: Deceptions (Oct., $5.99) by Susan Sizemorestars vampire Olympias, who now finds her authority challenged.
Cretaceous Sea (Nov., $6.50) by Will Hubbell. Paleontology student Rick Clements is offered a job at a very private resort that happens to be in the Cretaceous period.
The Queen's Gambit (Dec., $7.99) by Deborah Chester continues the story told in The Sword, the Ring and the Chalice trilogy.
Orphans of Earth
(Jan., $7.50) by Sean Williams and Shane Dix follows Echoes of Earth, about humankind's first contact with aliens.
Hyperthought (Feb., $5.99) by M.M. Buckner is a cyberpunk debut novel set in the year 2125.
Reprints:(Sept.)Taggerung ($7.99) by Brian Jacques; (Oct.)Death Day ($7.99) by William C. Dietz; (Feb.)Freedom's Ransom ($6.99) by Anne McCaffrey.

My Favorite Bride (Sept., $6.99) by Christina Dodd. A once-larcenous lady, now a governess, keeps secrets from her attractive employer. Ad/promo.
A Chance at Love (Sept., $5.99) by Beverly Jenkins. This African-American historical romance delivers a tale about an unconventional mail-order bride.
The Woman Most Likely To... (Oct., $6.99) by Jennifer Greene. Worn out by motherhood and career, Susan moves back home to discover that the man she left behind is still there.
Untie My Heart (Nov., $6.99) by Judith Ivory. Two schemers become entangled in a dangerous game of love.
Angels Everywhere (Dec., $7.99) by Debbie Macomber. A slightly dizzy trio of angels—Shirley, Goodness and Mercy—have winged in to answer three Christmas wishes.
Call Down the Stars (Dec., $7.99) by Sue Harrison. Book three of the Storyteller trilogy is set in prehistoric Alaska.
Dale Brown's Dreamland: Razor's Edge (Jan., $7.99) by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice. Air warfare over Iran and Iraq is the focus of this third installment of the Dreamland series.
Worth Any Price (Feb., $7.50) by Lisa Kleypas. Nick Gentry saves beautiful Charlotte from an oppressive marriage by wedding her, then realizes that he loves her.
Deadly Legacy (Feb., $6.99) by Robin Burcell. When Kate Gillespie begins investigating a baffling double murder, she is drawn into a web of treachery and family deceit.
Reprints: (Sept.) The Family ($7.99) by Mario Puzo, From the Dust Returned ($6.99) by Ray Bradbury; (Oct.)Eden Burning ($7.99) by Elizabeth Lowell, A King's Ransom ($7.50) by James Gripppando; (Nov.)The Promise in a Kiss ($7.50) by Stephanie Laurens, Cryptonomicon ($6.99) by Neal Stephenson; (Dec.)Black Heat ($6.99) by Norman Kelley; (Jan.)Milk and Honey ($7.99) by Faye Kellerman.

Angles of Attack: An A-6 Intruder Pilot's War (Sept., $6.99) by Peter Hunt. A navy pilot recalls his role in the Gulf war. Advertising.
U.S. Navy Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam (Oct., $6.99) by Daniel E. Kelly. A former door gunner recalls some of the bloodiest encounters of the war. Advertising.
Blood Warriors: American Military Elites (Nov., $6.99) by Michael L. Lanning provides an inside look at frontline forces in the war on terrorism. Advertising.
Into the Night (Dec., $6.99) by Suzanne Brockman. A SEALs team prepares to fight a terrorist threat against the president in this novel.
Lover Boy (Jan., $6.99) by Michele Jaffe. A woman races against the clock to save a potential victim from a killer known as "Lover Boy."
Reprints:(Sept.)Black House ($7.99) by Stephen King and Peter Straub, The Sins of the Wolf ($6.99) by Anne Perry; (Oct.)Flesh and Blood ($7.99) by Jonathan Kellerman; (Nov.)Blood and Gold ($7.99) by Anne Rice; (Dec.)While I Was Gone ($7.99) by Sue Miller; (Jan.)Pursuit ($7.50) by Thomas Perry; (Feb.)The Analyst ($7.99) by John Katzenbach.

Reprint: Waiting in Vain (Feb., $6.99) by Colin Channer.

Come What May (Sept., $6.50) by Leslie Lafoy. In colonial Virginia, a marriage of convenience goes awry when the groom falls for his high-spirited bride.
Once a Thief (Oct., $7.50) by Kay Hooper is the first in a two-book miniseries featuring a charismatic jewel thief.
Castles in the Mist (Nov., $6.50) by Josie Litton returns to the island of Akora, where Atreus, the brave warrior and chosen leader of the island, meets his true love.
Vectors (Nov., $6.99) by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. A tragedy forces a brilliant scientist to determine what constitutes a soul in this futuristic tale.
The Poison Master (Jan., $TBA) by Liz Williams. In a distant world, humanity is enslaved until one woman has the chance to remedy the mistakes of her ancestors.
Always a Thief (Feb., $TBA) by Kay Hooper. The jewel thief from Once a Thief returns.
Kissed by Shadows (Feb., $6.99) by Jane Feather is the final book in the Kiss trilogy.
Reprints:(Sept.)Reap the Wind ($7.50) by Iris Johansen, A Traitor to Memory ($7.99) by Elizabeth George, Dune: House Corrino ($7.50) by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson; (Oct.)Thursday's Child ($7.50) by Sandra Brown, Kilrone ($4.50) by Louis L'Amour; (Nov.)One Door Away from Heaven ($7.99) by Dean Koontz; (Dec.)Brazen Virtue ($7.99) by Nora Roberts, Fool's Errand ($6.99) by Robin Hobb; (Jan.)Safe Harbor ($TBA) by Luanne Rice, To Kiss a Spy ($6.99) by Jane Feather; (Feb.)Justice Hall ($TBA) by Laurie R. King

Purity in Death (Sept., $7.99) by Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, is the latest in the series starring police lieutenant Eve Dallas.
From This Moment On (Oct., $7.99) by Lynn Kurland. The ruthless Colin of Berkhamshire returns to fight his greatest battle—against love.
Tom Clancy's Power Plays (Nov., $TBA), created by Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg, is the sixth entry in this series.
The Graveyard Shift (Dec., $7.99) by Jack Higgins. Ben Garvald has just finished a 10-year prison sentence—and his ex-wife is looking for protection.
Plague (Dec., $6.99) by Gary Birken, M.D., involves the poisoning of children with the latest in deadly viruses.
Tom Clancy's Net Force #7: State of War (Jan., $TBA), created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, written by Steve Perry, is the latest entry in this series.
Reprints: (Sept.)Shock ($7.99) by Robin Cook, What You Owe Me ($7.99) by Bebe Moore Campbell; (Oct.)Isle of Dogs ($7.99) by Patricia Cornwell; (Nov.)Death in Paradise ($7.99) by Robert B. Parker; (Feb.)Hunting Season ($6.99) by Nevada Barr.

Southern Latitudes (Sept., $6.50) by Stephen J. Clark. A burned-out reporter knows that even in Alabama, an apparent Klan lynching may not be what it seems.
The Weedless Widow (Oct., $5.99) by Deborah Morgan is the second Antique Lover's mystery.
The Lusitania Murders (Nov., $6.99) by Max Allan Collins. An undercover journalist on the Lusitania tries to learn if the liner is transporting munitions.
An Eye for Murder (Dec., $6.50) by Libby Fischer Hellmann is the first book in a new mystery series featuring Ellie Foreman, a filmmaker and divorced mother.
Hanging by a Thread (Jan., $TBA) by Monica Ferris is the sixth needlework mystery starring Betsy Devonshire.
Reprints:(Sept.)Death on the Downs ($6.99) by Simon Brett; (Oct.)Closing Time ($6.50) by Jim Fusilli; (Dec.)The Clerk's Tale ($6.99) by Margaret Frazer; (Feb.)The Wicked Flea ($6.99) by Susan Conant.

Jaran: The First Novel of the Jaran (10th Anniversary Edition) (Sept., $7.99) by Kate Elliott. A young woman coming of age on an alien planet has an effect on the human race's survival.
Into the Darkness: The Family, Book II (Oct., $6.99) by Kevin McCarthy portrays a Hollywood studio where the phrase "lifetime contract" takes on a new meaning.
The Forbidden Circle (Darkover Omnibus #4) (Nov., $7.99) by Marion Zimmer Bradley gathers the Darkover titles in a single volume.
The Marked Man Omnibus (Dec., $6.99) by Charles Ingrid includes the long-unavailable The Marked Man and The Last Recall.
Between Darkness and Light (Jan., $6.99) by Lisanne Norman is the seventh book in this series about two races forced the unite against a common enemy.
The Ancient Path (Feb., $6.99) by Billie Sue Mosiman. In this climactic novel in The Vampire Nations series, the vampire society faces exposure and extinction.
Reprints: (Sept.)Take a Thief ($6.99) by Mercedes Lackey; (Nov.)Defender ($6.99) by C.J. Cherryh; (Feb.)Sword-Sworn (Feb., $6.99) by Jennifer Roberson.

Bridal Favors (Sept., $6.99) by Connie Brockway. A wedding planner in Victorian England must prove that she can keep a nobleman's scandalous secret.
The Dark Highlander (Oct., $6.99) by Karen Marie Moning. A 16th-century Scotsman trapped in modern-day Manhattan lives with a curse—he must save his twin brother's life.
Taken (Nov., $TBA) by Thomas H. Cook is a novelization of Steven Spielberg's Sci-Fi Channel miniseries that spans three centuries of government conspiracies and alien encounters.
Comanche Woman (Dec., $7.50) by Joan Johnston is a prequel to The Cowboy, The Texan and The Loner.
Area 51: The Truth (Feb., $6.99) by Robert Doherty. In the final volume to this series, special forces officer Mike Turcotte learns the truth about the aliens' plans for humanity.
Reprints:(Sept.)Red Dragon ($7.99) by Thomas Harris; (Oct.)The Kiss ($7.99) by Danielle Steel; (Nov.)Total Recall ($7.99) by Sara Paretsky; (Dec.)Three Weeks in Paris ($7.99) by Barbara Taylor Bradford; (Jan.)The Summons ($7.99) by John Grisham; (Feb.)The Cottage ($TBA) by Danielle Steel.

Impossible Places (Sept., $6.99) by Alan Dean Foster gathers 20 tales of adventure and imagination. Advertising.
Dark Angel: Before the Dawn (Oct., $6.99) by Max Allan Collins is the official prequel to the Fox TV series. Advertising.
Web Warriors II: Dimension X (Nov., $6.99) by James Luceno continues the adventures of a trio of adolescents and a teenaged artificial intelligence. Advertising.
Babylon 5: The Shadow Within (Dec., $6.99) by Jeanne Cavelos is the prequel to the Passing of the Techno-Mages trilogy.
Starfist: Kingdom's Fury (Jan., $6.99) by Dan Cragg and David Sherman. The Marines of the 34th FIST are embroiled in a bitter struggle with an alien enemy. Advertising.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic I: Remnant (Feb., $6.99) by Shane Dix and Sean Williams. Luke Skywalker meets an unexpected antihero among the alien invaders. Advertising.

Rebels in Arms (Sept., $6.99) by Ben Weaver is a tale of interstellar war, blood and honor. Advertising.
Trapped (Oct., $6.99) by James Alan Gardner. Set in the Expendable universe, this is a story of murder and intrigue. Advertising.
The Warrior's Bond (Jan., $7.99) by Juliet E. McKenna spins a tale of adventure, magic, honor and love.
The Fifth Ring (Feb., $7.50) by Mitchell Graham is the first volume in a fantasy trilogy that recounts a young man's trials against insurmountable odds.
Reprints:(Sept.)Guardians of the Lost: Vol. Two of the Sovereign StoneTrilogy ($7.99) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman; (Nov.)Magic Time ($7.50) by Marc Scott Zicree and Barbara Hambly; (Dec.)The Mystic Rose: The Celtic Crusades: Book III ($7.99) by Stephen Lawhead.

The Alpine Obituary (Sept., $6.99) by Mary Daheim. Newspaper publisher Emma Lord investigates the death of an octogenarian whose widow insists he was murdered.
Death of a PTA Goddess (Oct., $6.99) by Leslie O'Kane. Suburban mom Molly Masters investigates the death of the new PTA president.
Declared Dead (Nov., $6.99) by Suzanne Proulx continues the adventures of hospital risk manager Vicky Lucci.
Malice Downstream (Dec., $6.99) by Graham Thomas. Erskine Powell, Detective Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard, is drawn into investigating a murder while on a fishing holiday.
Reprints:(Sept.)Funeral in Blue ($7.99) by Anne Perry, In the Midnight Hour ($6.99) by Michelle Spring; (Oct.)Murder in Havana ($7.50) by Margaret Truman; (Jan.)Eureka ($7.99) by William Diehl; (Feb.)Indigo Slam ($7.99) by Robert Crais.

Reprints: (Sept.)September Song ($6.99) by Andrew M. Greeley; (Oct.)The Man Who Fought Alone ($7.99) by Stephen R. Donaldson; (Nov.)Treason ($7.99) by David Nevin; (Dec.)Rebekah ($7.99) by Orson Scott Card; (Jan.)Man and Wife ($6.99) by Andrew Klavan; (Feb.)Against All Enemies ($7.99) by Harold Coyle.

Deathlands—Amazon Gate (Sept., $6.50) by James Axler. At the heart of a post-nuclear world known as Deathlands lies the mysteries of pre-dark society.
Stoney Man—Rogue State (Oct.), ...Deep Rampage (Dec.), ...Freedom Watch (Feb., $6.50 each) by Don Pendleton follows the exploits of America's most covert defense team, Stony Man.

Reunited (Oct., $5.99) by Kate Hoffman. After growing up as an only child, Keely Quinn learns she has six older brothers—and a father.
Reprints: (Oct.)A Betty Neels Christmas ($5.99) by Betty Neels; (Nov.)Rides a Hero ($6.99) by Heather Graham, Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts ($4.99) by Tara Taylor Quinn and Day Leclaire.

All I Want Is Forever (Nov., $6.50) by Lynn Emery. Two wounded souls must overcome the pain of the past to find love and happiness in this African-American romance.
Case MJ-12: The True Story Behind the Government's UFO Conspiracies (Dec., $7.50) by Kevin D. Randle. The man who exposed the Roswell case reveals another from the annals of unexplained phenomena.
Reprints: (Sept.)The Archer's Tale ($7.99) by Bernard Cornwell, The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice ($7.99) by Bernard Kerik; (Oct.)Blindsighted ($7.50) by Karin Slaughter; (Nov.)Coldheart Canyon ($7.99) by Clive Barker; Hope to Die ($7.99) by Lawrence Block; (Jan.)Tishomingo Blues ($7.99) by Elmore Leonard; (Feb.)The Poisonwood Bible ($7.99) by Barbara Kingsolver.

Reprints: (Nov.)Random Acts of Badness: My Story ($7.99) by Danny Bonaduce, 100,000 first printing; (Jan.)MobTown: A Novel ($7.99) by Jack Kelly, 100,000 first printing; (Feb.)The Hearse Case Scenario ($7.99) by Tim Cockey, 150,000 first printing, Conflict of Interest ($7.99) by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, 600,000 first printing.

The Ways of Grace (Sept., $6.99) by Linda Francis Lee. When she catches her fiancé cheating on her wedding day, Grace Colebrook simply walks away and into the arms of a gorgeous stranger. Advertising.
Ecstasy (Oct., $6.99) by Nicole Jordan. When Raven Kendrick is forced into marriage by scandal, she resists losing her heart to one of London's most notorious rogues. Advertising.
Prairie Moon (Nov., $6.99) by Maggie Osborne. The most famous lawman in the West finally meets the woman who has haunted his dreams for more than 10 years. Advertising.
Midnight Rain (Dec., $6.99) by Dee Davis. A female FBI agent, determined to establish her reputation in a male-dominated world, vows to get to the bottom of a puzzling murder case. Advertising.
McCloud's Woman (Jan., $6.99) by Patricia Rice. A forensic anthropologist's excavation is in the way of a film being produced by an executive who was his high school flame. Advertising.
Reality Check (Jan., $6.99) by Leslie Carroll. A copywriter approaching burnout agrees to air her romantic dirty linen on Bad Date—America's hottest reality TV show. Advertising.

Tapestry (Sept., $7.99) by Lynn Kurland, Madeline Hunter, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Karen Marie Moning welcomes readers to worlds of chivalry, danger, legends and love.
Once Upon a Kiss (Oct., $7.99) by Nora Roberts, Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan and Marianne Willman delivers a romance collection.
The Texan's Wager (Nov., $6.99) by Jodi Thomas begins a new Texas trilogy featuring three spunky heroines abandoned by a wagon train.
The Penwyth Curse (Jan., $TBA) by Catherine Coulter is a spin-off of the medieval series Song of Quartet.
Love Me Forever (Feb., $6.99) by Donna Fletcher. This Scottish historical romance tells of Brianna and the husband she thinks is dead and the man whose child she is carrying.
Reprints:(Sept.)The Absence of Nectar ($6.99) by Kathy Hepinstall; (Oct.)Narcissus in Chains ($7.99) by Laurell K. Hamilton; (Nov.)Smoke in Mirrors ($7.99) by Jayne Ann Krentz; (Dec.)Midnight Bayou ($7.99) by Nora Roberts; (Jan.)Under Fire ($7.99) by W.E.B. Griffin.

Reprints: (Sept.)The Visitor's Book ($6.99) by Caroline Upcher; (Oct.)Girlfriends ($6.99) by Patrick Sanchez; (Nov.)Styx and Stones: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery ($5.99) by Carola Dunn; (Dec.) Peaches and Screams: A Savannah Reid Mystery ($6.50) by G.A. McKevett; (Jan.)Maid for Murder ($5.99) by Barbara Colley; (Feb.)Too Much Temptation ($6.99) by Lori Foster.

Out of Sight (Sept., $6.99) by T.J. MacGregor. The Townsend family's annual camping trip turns into a race for survival in this tale of supernatural suspense.
Mortal Strain (Oct., $6.99) by W.H. Watford. On his first day on the job at the Elrice Prison infirmary, Dr. Jack Hawkins knows something is very wrong.
The Night Watcher (Nov., $6.99) by John Lutz. Someone is killing wealthy Manhattanites in their own homes.
Trek of the Mountain Men (Dec., $5.99) by William W. Johnstone. A bounty hunter believes he can collect a $10,000 reward for a man cleared of the charges against him.
Thicker Than Water (Jan., $6.99) by P.J. Parrish. An innocent man who spent 20 years in jail for murder finds himself once again accused of a killing and only his son can clear him.
She Loves Me Not (Feb., $6.99) by Wendy Corsi Staub. A young widow is being stalked by a killer.
The Academy Awards Handbook: New and Updated for 2003 Edition (Feb., $6.99) by John Harkness is the only mass market guide to these awards.

204 Rosewood Lane (Sept., $7.50) by Debbie Macomber. The town librarian's demure exterior hides a spine of steel. Advertising.
Enchanted Afternoon (Sept., $6.99) by Susan Wiggs. Having married for all the wrong reasons, Helena Cabot finds herself trapped with a dangerous man. Advertising.
The Italian (Nov., $6.99) by Elaine Coffman. In this 19th-century romance, art student Beatrice Fairweather returns to Italy to paint and finds love. Advertising.
Dark Water (Nov., $6.50) by Sharon Sala. When Jane Whitman and Tony DeMarco investigate her father's death 20 years earlier, they discover that there are secrets someone is desperate to keep.
Sisters Found (Dec., $7.50) by Joan Johnston. Three sisters are reunited in this drama of passion and mystery.
The Harbor (Jan., $6.50) by Carla Neggers. Zoe West returns to the town where her father was murdered and meets a burned-out FBI agent who believes the killer is still loose.
Secrets of the Heart (Feb., $6.50) by Candace Camp. Forced into a loveless marriage, Rachel doesn't realize that her husband is falling for her.
Reprints: (Oct.)A Season of Miracles ($6.99) by Heather Graham; (Nov.)A Gift to Last ($6.99) by Debbie Macomber.

Black Jack Point (Sept., $6.99) by Jeff Abbott brings back Texas judge Whit Mosley in a tale of legendary treasure and modern-day piracy.
Terminal Run (Oct., $6.99) by Michael DiMercurio. In this techno-thriller, Admiral Michael Pacino and his nemesis, Alexi Novskoyy, meet in an undersea showdown.
Cold Silence (Nov., $6.99) by Danielle Girard. Cody O'Brien knows who kidnapped her son and why.
River of Ruin (Dec., $6.99) by Jack Du Brul is the fifth Philip Mercer adventure.
Dark Ambition (Jan., $TBA) by Allan Topol. The U.S. Secretary of State has been murdered—but who ordered the killing?
Wisdom of the Bones (Feb., $6.99) by Christopher Hyde. In 1963, a dying police detective struggling to solve related murders finds his investigation interrupted by the Kennedy assassination.
Reprints: (Sept.)The Blue Last ($7.99) by Martha Grimes; (Jan.)Picture Maker ($6.99) by Penina Keen Spinka.

Swept Away (Sept., $6.99) by Kathryn Wesley is a movie tie-in to the remake of the 1975 film, now starring Madonna.
Twisted Roots (Oct., $7.99) by V.C. Andrews is the third book in the DeBeers series.
Forever (Oct., $7.99) by Jude Deveraux. Adam Montgomery must destroy a coven of witches and find his missing sister, but what he finds is an inescapable passion.
Tenebrea Rising, Book Three (Nov., $6.99) by Roxann Dawson. The fate of a people and the future of the galaxy rest on the shoulders of a rebel star pilot.
Under Abduction (Dec., $6.99) by Andrew Neiderman. When a childless couple kidnaps pregnant Anna Gold, she fears for herself and her unborn child.
Into the Woods (Jan., $7.99) by V.C. Andrews. This new novel in the Willow series takes readers back to the beginning.
Last Dance, Last Chance: Ann Rule's Crime Files: Vol. 8 (Jan., $7.99) by Ann Rule reveals the story of a plastic surgeon and the wife he tried to poison.
Reprints: (Sept.)Separation of Power ($7.99) by Mitch Rapp; (Oct.)Dantes' Inferno ($6.99) by Sarah Lovett; (Nov.)He Sees You When You're Sleeping ($7.99) by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark; (Dec.)Every Breath You Take ($7.99) by Ann Rule; (Feb.)The Stone Monkey ($7.99) by Jeffrey Deaver.

Reprints: (Sept.,)Flappers and Philosophers ($5.99) by F. Scott Fitzgerald; (Oct.)Roughing It ($6.99) by Mark Twain; (Nov.)Three Lives ($6.99) by Gertrude Stein.

This Dangerous Magic (Sept., $6.99) by Jayel Wylie. A gifted sorceress struggles against a powerful queen.
The Husband Hunt (Oct., $6.99) by Jillian Hunter is a romance involving a highlands Cinderella and the ballrooms of Regency London.
Chasing a Rogue (Nov., $6.99) by Victoria Malvey follows a man and a woman chasing each other's hearts.
Not So Innocent (Dec., $6.99) by Laura Lee Guhrke. This Victorian romance reveals that the power of love can save lives.

Reprints: (Sept.)Band of Brothers ($7.99) by Stephen E. Ambrose, Steppin' on a Rainbow ($6.99) by Kinky Friedman; (Oct.)Speaking in Tongues ($7.99) by Jeffrey Deaver, Money, Money, Money ($7.99) by Ed McBain, The Last Vampire ($6.99) by Whitley Strieber; (Feb.)Year Zero ($7.99) by Jeff Long.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma Book One: Twilight by David R. George III and ...Book Two: This Gray Spirit (Sept., $6.99 each) by Heather Jarman opens with the starship Defiant embarking on a three-month voyage of exploration, then the crew is caught in a genocidal civil war.
Deep Space Nine Mission: Gamma Book Three: Cathedral by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels and ...Book Four: Lesser Evil (Oct., $6.99 each) by Robert Simpson. The third volume finds peace talks testing the resolve of two longtime enemies; a political alliance unravels in book four.
Star Trek: Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond (Nov., $6.99) by Diane Carey, Peter David, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Christie Golden, Robert Greenberger and Susan Wright is the conclusion to the Gateways series.
Star Trek: The Original Series: Gemini (Feb., $6.99) by Mike W. Barr. The Enterprise is assigned to attend a ceremony that will unite a world, but an assassination attempt creates a disaster.

Reprint: (Jan.)Spirit Wolf ($4.99) by Gary Svee.

13 Cent Killers: The 13th Marine Snipers in Vietnam (Jan., $6.99) by John J. Culbertson. A veteran tells the story of the most successful sniper unit in the war.
Dancing with the Dragon (Jan., $6.99) by Joe Weber. A cold war with China is just beginning in this techno-thriller.
Reprint: (Feb.)Platoon Leader ($6.99) by James R. McDonough.

Eternity Row: A Stardoc Novel (Sept., $6.99) by S.L. Viehl is the fifth novel in the series that combines adventure, mystery and romance with futuristic medicine.
Shadows and Light (Oct., $6.99) by Anne Bishop. In the second book in the Tir Alainn trilogy, an encroaching evil threatens everyone in the realm.
The Devil and Deep Space (Nov., $6.99) by Susan R. Matthews. In the Judiciary universe, Andrej Koscuisko gets caught in a conspiracy.
The Changeling Plague (Feb., $6.99) by Syne Mitchell is a bio-thriller set in the near future.

Full House (Sept., $6.99) by Janet Evanovich provides romantic suspense with a twist.
Now You See Me (Oct., $6.99) by Tina Wainscott. Twenty years after she spent days in the clutches of a kidnapper, Olivia must confront her old demons.
The Bridemaker (Nov., $6.50) by Rexanne Becknel. Hester Pointevant's status as society's premier bride maker is being sorely tested. The Sunbird (Dec., $7.99) by Wilbur Smith. An archeologist and international financier search for evidence of a lost Phoenician civilization.
Lead Me On (Jan., $6.50) by Julie Ortolon. Allison St. Claire is determined to prove she can have a fling without falling in love.
Full Tilt (Feb., $6.99) by Janet Evanovich gathers a mysterious genius, a feisty Southern woman, the Mafia and pro wrestlers in a rollicking adventure.
Reprints: (Sept.)Warlock ($7.99) by Wilbur Smith, one million first printing; (Oct.)The Sigma Protocol ($7.99) by Robert Ludlum, 1.5 million first printing; (Dec.)Viking Funeral ($6.99) by Stephen J. Cannell, 750,000 first printing; (Jan.)Starting Over ($6.99) by Robin Pilcher, 750,000 first printing.

The Return (Sept., $6.99) by Bentley Little. No one really believes the legend of the Mogollon Monster—until an excavation teams turns up some unusual objects.
Ravished (Nov., $6.99) by Virginia Henley. Lovely Alexandra does not want to marry Lord Christopher Hatton—but his dangerous twin brother is quite another matter.
Next Victim (Dec., $6.99) by Michael Prescott. The FBI is in a race to find a serial killer who's stolen deadly chemicals.
Reprints: (Sept.)Pen Pals ($7.99) by Olivia Goldsmith; (Oct.)Orchid Blues ($7.99) by Stuart Woods; (Dec.)Jackdaws ($7.99) by Ken Follett; (Jan.)The Oath ($7.99) by John Lescroart; (Feb.)The Short Forever ($7.99) by Stuart Woods.

The Heart's Command (Oct., $6.50) by Rachel Lee, Merline Lovelace and Lindsay McKenna. Three stories feature true heroes.
So This Is Christmas (Nov., $6.50) by Sherryl Woods, Beverly Barton and Leanne Banks. Three couples discover the magic of love during the yuletide season.
Turning Point (Dec., $6.50) by Sharon Sala, Paula Detmer Riggers and Peggy Moreland. A bouquet and an accompanying note put the lives of three women on very different paths.
Reprints: (Sept.)A Game of Chance ($6.99) by Linda Howard, Worth the Risk ($6.99) by Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Stephanie James; (Nov.)Table for Two ($7.50) by Nora Roberts; (Jan.)Truly, Madly Manhattan ($7.50) by Nora Roberts; (Feb.)Navy Wife ($6.99) by Debbie Macomber.

Reprints: (Sept.)No Other Option ($7.99) by Marcus Wynne; (Oct.)Bone Walker ($7.99) by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear, Swell Foop ($7.99) by Piers Anthony; (Nov.)The Pillars of Creation ($7.99) by Terry Goodkind; (Jan.)Starman ($7.99) by Sara Douglass, Once ($7.99) by James Herbert; (Feb.)Hominids ($6.99) by Robert J. Sawyer.

Reprints: (Sept.)The Magician's Ward ($5.99) by Patricia C. Wrede; (Oct.)A College of Magics ($5.99) by Caroline Stevemer; (Jan.)Hidden Talents ($5.99) by David Lubar; (Feb.)Obernewtyn ($5.99) by Isobelle Carmody.

Still Mr. & Mrs. (Sept., $5.99) by Mary Mcbride features husband-and-wife Secret Service agents.
The Rogue (Oct., $6.99) by Claire Delacroix introduces a medieval romance trilogy.
High on a Hill (Nov., $6.99) by Dorothy Garlock. During Prohibition, a young woman must choose between a loving father and the lawman on his trail.
The Playboy (Dec., $5.99) by Carly Phillips. A mother schemes to marry off her three sons in order to satisfy her greatest desire: grandchildren.
The Experiment (Jan., $TBA) by Stephen Kyle. In this thriller, the race is on to save the world from a WWII genetic experiment.
Reprints: (Sept.)Last Man Standing ($7.99) by David Baldacci; (Oct.)Violets Are Blue ($7.99) by James Patterson; (Dec.)Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas ($7.50) by James Patterson, The Black Echo ($7.99) by Michael Connelly; (Feb.)2nd Chance ($7.99) by James Patterson.

The Duke of Uranium (Sept., $6.99) by John Barnes is a new military series.
Smallville: Strange Visitors (Oct., $5.99) by Roger Stern, ...Dragon (Nov., $5.99) by Alan Grant and ...Hauntings (Jan., $5.99) by Nancy Holder tie in to the WB-TV series featuring Superman as a teenager in Smallville, Kans.
Princess of the Aerie (Jan., $TBA) by John Barnes is the sequel to The Duke of Uranium.
Reprints: (Oct.)The War Between Worlds ($6.99) by Ian Irvine; (Nov.)Futureland ($7.50) by Walter Mosley; (Feb.)Lion's Blood ($6.99) by Steven Barnes.

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Reprint: (Sept.)Black Is the Colour of My True Love's Heart ($7.95) by Ellis Peters.

Onslaught: Onslaught Cycle, Book I (Sept., $6.99) by J. Robert King introduces a new Magic novel cycle. 150,000 first printing.
Divine Hammer: Kingpriest Trilogy, Volume II (Oct., $6.99) by Chris Pierson explores the era of Dragonlance history. 100,000 first printing.
The Sorcerer: Return of the Archwizards, Book III (Nov., $6.99) by Troy Denning concludes this trilogy. 150,000 first printing. Advertising.
Sands of the Soul: Sembia (Nov., $6.99) by Voronica Whitney-Robinson is the sixth installment in the series. 100,000 first printing. Advertising.
The Dragon Isles: Crossroads (Dec., $6.99) by Stephen D. Sullivan. This story takes place in a never-before explored area of the Dragonlance world.

Reprints: (Sept.)The Death of an Amiable Child ($5.99) by Irene Marcuse, Dismal Mountain ($5.99) by John Billheimer; (Oct.)Murder on the Waterfront ($5.99) by Michael Jahn; (Dec.)Bag Limit ($5.99) by Steven Havill.

Let Me Be the One (Sept., $6.50) by Jo Goodman is the first novel in a Regency quartet introducing four intriguing gentlemen who find adventure, excitement and romance.
Realm of Shadows (Oct., $6.99) by Shannon Drake. A young woman is haunted by a sinister being who won't stop until it claims her, body and soul.
Scrooge Wore Spurs (Oct., $6.99) by Janet Daily. In a tale filled with the magic of Christmas, a hard-hearted rancher finds healing and love with a determined woman.
Every Waking Moment (Nov., $6.99) by Meryl Sawyer weaves a tale of mystery, murder and passionate romance in sultry South Beach.
On Thin Ice (Dec., $6.99) by Susan Andersen. In this tale of romantic suspense, Olympic skater Sasha Miller is being stalked.
The Lion in Glory (Jan., $6.99) by Shannon Drake is the concluding novel in the Graham family series.
This Must Be Love (Feb., $6.99) by Kasey Michaels. Two very unlike cousins agree to switch places—and complications ensue.
Reprint: (Sept.)Kentucky Heat ($7.99) by Fern Michaels; (Dec.)Tempting Fortune ($6.99) by Jo Beverley.

After the Storm (Sept., $5.99) by Jo Ann Ferguson. A Irish woman journeys to America in search of her children and finds love with the man who rescued them from the orphan train.
A Bicycle Built for Two: Meet Me at the Fair (Oct., $5.99) by Alice Duncan. When a street-smart fortune teller at the Chicago World's Fair meets a handsome self-made man, passion ignites.
The Impetuous Bride: Once Upon a Wedding (Nov., $5.99) by Kelly McClymer. On a wagon train heading for Oregon, a woman begins to fall in love with the man she's asked to pose as her husband.
Belle of the Ball: The Graces (Jan., $5.99) by Pam McCutcheon is the first in a series following the three Sullivan sisters.
Ever Yours: The Letters (Feb., $5.99) by Gabriella Anderson is a Beauty and the Beast story in which a woman must deliver a letter to a man who hasn't been seen in five years.

A Rogue's Embrace (Sept., $4.99) by Valerie King. After five years, the Marquess of Perryn finds the girl from whom he once stole a kiss.
A Rather Necessary End (Oct., $4.99) by Jo Ann Ferguson. This new series follows the sleuthing escapades of Lady Priscilla Flanders and her roguish friend, Sir Neville Hathaway.
Miss Seldon's Suitors (Nov., $4.99) by Jeanne Savery. A spinster transformed into a lady of mystery finds herself pursued by many suitors.
A Convenient Marriage (Dec., $4.99) by Debbie Raleigh. A vicar plays cupid to three married couples.
The Eligible Miss Elliott (Jan., $4.99) by Victoria Hinshaw. Miss Rosalind is determined to be loved for herself and not for her money.