While many are still devouring summer's easy-reading thrillers and romances—and some, the last pages of Bill's tome—publishers are poised to launch fall campaigns. PW has the season covered by listing key titles set for publication through February 2005. And to refresh your memory about titles that generated the most buzz at BEA, it's worth taking a second look at "On the Rebound" (Book News, June 21). In addition, you might refer to the lay-down calendar in this issue (p. 134) that tracks on-sale dates for major titles, to assist in planning monthly business and in-store displays. For those of you who are awaiting the most up-to-date information on travel destinations, see next week's travel feature. Computer and technology buffs will want to check out the listings in our September 20 issue. Don't forget to visit PW's Web site (www.publishersweekly.com) to find the best in mass market offerings as well as a list of hardcover blockbusters now available in trade paperback.

Compiled by Robert Dahlin, Natalie Danford, Charles Hix and Karole Riippa