Industry Stocks: November Performances

Company Oct. 30 Nov. 30 % Change
The Publishers Weekly Stock Index posted more solid gains in November, with the PWSI up 7.3% for the month following a 5.3% increase in October. With 12 winners and only three losers, the PWSI beat the 6.5% increase posted by the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Barnes & Noble's stock price had a volatile month, but finished November up 40.5%. During the month, B&N approved a poison pill provision when it was disclosed that Ron Burkle's investment group was increasing its stake in the company. At the end of the month, B&N issued a lower earnings forecast, but after a dip, the stock price rebounded. Borders's third quarter results were disappointing and the stock price continued to sink in November. Books-A-Million, the third largest bookstore chain, had a mixed third quarter, but its stock price declined for the second consecutive month. With online retailing continuing to grow, and its Kindle an early Christmas favorite, Amazon's stock price continued to soar in November, up 14.4%, hitting $135.91 per share.
Source: Reed Business Information
Barnes & Noble 16.61 23.34 40.5%
Amazon 118.81 135.91 14.4
Educational Dev. Corp. 4.98 5.45 9.4
CBS 11.77 12.81 8.8
John Wiley 35.22 37.45 6.3
Marvel Ent. 49.97 52.05 4.2
McGraw-Hill Cos. 28.78 29.96 4.1
Borders Group 1.94 1.40 -27.8
Books-A-Million 8.66 7.07 -18.4
Courier Corp. 14.83 13.04 -12.1
Publishers Weekly
Stock Index 387.04 415.12 7.3
Dow Jones Aver. 9,712.73 10,344.84 6.5